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After growing attached to the rural town of Patience, where the locals are just as curious as the alien doing a pretty poor job of pretending to be a human doctor, it suddenly dawns on Captain Hah Re that his people are still hell-bent on the total annihilation of the planet, including Asta! What’s an alien mercenary with a soft side to do? Read on to find out how to watch Resident Alien season 2 online wherever you are in the world.

Okay, so he talks to an octopus from time to time, almost always says the wrong thing, and is at war with a child… but overall Dr Vanderspeigle seems to have successfully assimilated. 

Deputy Liv has her suspicions, but after the memory wipe there’s no way she’s unmasking his true identity now…

With police and psychotic government activity increasing in town, Asta decides it’s best to whisk Harry away to New York City, where the sight of an alien prancing down the street wouldn’t elicit a second glance.

However, while evading detection on Earth, he also needs to find a way to assuage the appetite for desctruction that has consumed his home planet.

A fish-out-of-water comedy that’ll stir your feelings when you least expect it, read on as we detail how to watch Resident Alien season 2 online where you are.

How to watch Resident Alien online from outside your country

If you’re abroad when Resident Alien season 2 airs, you won’t be able to watch the show as you normally would at home, because of annoying regional restrictions.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream it online no matter where you are. It’s a simple bit of software that changes your IP address, meaning that you can access on-demand content or live TV just as if you were at home.

Use a VPN to watch Resident Alien season 2 from anywhere

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How to watch Resident Alien season 2 online in the US

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How to watch Resident Alien season 2 online in Canada 

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Can you watch Resident Alien season 2 in the UK?

The first season of the show aired on Sky at pretty much the same time it came out in the US, but at the time of publication the Resident Alien season 2 UK release date has not been confirmed.

There are rumours that it will come out in February, but nothing concrete from the channel itself.

If you’re not already a Sky customer but fancy dipping your toe in the water, there are plenty of Sky TV deals and packages that might just take your fancy.

Alternatively, you can grab a Now Entertainment membership, which costs £9.99 a month.

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Can you watch Resident Alien season 2 in Australia?

It’s a similar situation Down Under, where the Australia release date for Resident Alien season 2 has not yet been confirmed.

In the meantime, you can catch up on the first season of the show for free on the 9Now streaming service, which is compatible with laptops, tablets, mobiles and an array of streaming services such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Fetch, PlayStation, Amazon Fire and smart TVs.