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IBM has announced price increases for a wide variety of its storage products, which are set to take effect from 2023 onwards.

Customers in the UK, Canada, Japan, much of Mainland Europe, and many parts of North Africa and the Caribbean are expected to see cost increases, however US users may be unaffected.

Customers in these regions may expect to pay between 5% and 10%, for business servers such as the FlashSystem 5000 and FlashSystem 7000, as well as the IBM Elastic Storage System (ESS), the IBM SAN Volume Controller, and IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS).

Why the move?

IBM has yet to provide an exact reason for the changes, but the price rises seem to be broadly in line with the rapid global inflation seen so far in 2022, which the World Economic Forum predicts to be around 8.8% for the entire year.

You can head to IBM’s website to get a complete run-down of what’s changing here.

The news comes as IBM continues to expand its storage offering.


The tech giant has launched a new LTO-formatted offering which apparently provides up to 27 petabytes (PB) of capacity in a single rack, aimed at hyperscalers looking to aggregate massive customer data sets.

Dubbed The Diamondback Tape Library, IBM promoted the solution’s cybersecurity benefits, as it uses tape storage to create a physical “air gap”, keeping data offline and the backup copy safe from online threats.

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