WIRED Autocomplete gathers the internet’s most searched questions about celebrities and goes right to the source for the answer. We’ve interviewed more than 150 actors, artists, YouTubers, and others, using Google’s autocomplete feature (hence the name!). As the presidential primaries got underway this year, WIRED asked Democratic candidates to participate in the series. Joe Biden, now the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee, said yes.

Why is Biden running for president? The internet wants to know, and the former vice president gave WIRED three reasons. One is: “To restore the soul of this country.”

“My dad used to say, ‘Joey, I don’t expect the government to solve my problems, but I expect them to understand my problems. Give me a fighting chance, no guarantees,’” Biden says later on in the video. “A lot of people have not had much of a fighting chance, and you’re seeing that in this pandemic.”

Biden’s interview was filmed remotely from his home in Delaware on May 15. In the video, the candidate answers a wide range of questions, from “Does Joe Biden eat ice cream?” (spoiler alert: yes) to “What is Joe Biden’s plan for improving the economy?” (we’ll let him answer that). Watch the whole interview to find out what else Biden had to say, and subscribe to WIRED’s YouTube channel for more of our video series.

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