Lego Super Mario arrives on August 1, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo from showing off a range of new ‘Power-Up Packs’ that players will be able to purchase.

Based on classic costumes from the Super Mario video games, the Power-Up Packs unlock new ways to play with the plastic plumber. You can customize Mario with the classic ‘Fire Mario’ suit, ‘Propeller Mario’ suit, ‘Cat Mario’ suit and the ‘Builder Mario’ suit. 

The Fire Mario suit lets our plumber friend shoot fireballs at his enemies, while the Propeller outfit is perfect for high-flying action and airborne tricks. The Cat Mario costume (our favorite pick of the bunch) lets Mario meow like a cat and climb walls to collect extra virtual coins (did we mention Mario will meow like a cat?). 

Rounding up the selection of new outfits is the Builder Mario attire, which gives Mario a powerful ground pound attack so he can smash objects (not literally, of course).

It’s-a-me, Meow-rio

Each power-up pack will be sold separately and consists of a new hat and dungarees for Mario to wear. You’ll need to own the Lego ‘Starter Course’ if you plan on giving Mario a makeover, which will be priced at $59.99 / £49.99 (around AU$100), as each pack only includes the outfit. Each Power-Up Pack will cost $9.99 / £9.99 (about AU$14.99). 

Announced back in March, Lego Super Mario is a surprising collaboration between Nintendo and the Danish toy maker, which adds LCD displays to Mario’s eyes, mouth and chest to enable a unique interactive experience that children can enjoy. 

There will be four Lego Super Mario sets to choose from when the toy releases, including a Bowser boss battle and a Piranha Plant kit. Oh, and if you pre-order the Starter Kit today you’ll get a ‘Monty Mole and Super Mushroom Expansion Set’ for free.

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