Lenovo’s next gaming phone has leaked, with a design that looks like a Michael Bay Transformer and a gaming PC merged together. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen on a phone before. I’m not sure if I like it.

Pictures of what appears to be the phone were shown on the social media service Weibo recently, and I am speechless. Specifically, the dual-camera setup is located at the dead center of the phone, and there’s a built-in active cooling fan. It reminds me a lot of a Transformer, as you can see from the photo below.

Now, Lenovo is not the first company to stick a cooling fan in a gaming smartphone. In 2019, Nubia’s Red Magic 3 had a cooling fan placed inside of the device. The Black Shark FunCooler Pro is an external cooling fan designed for people who game on their phones. Not to mention Asus’ AeroActive Cooler 5, an external fan designed to cool down its ROG Phone 5 Ultimate gaming phone.

But the biggest concern I have for the recent images of the rumored Lenovo phone (which is rumored to be called the Legion Phone 2 Pro) is that gaming phones may continue to include more ridiculous designs. Lenovo’s first gaming phone, which launched last year, already had an absurd design by placing a pop-up camera on the side of the phone. But new model looks to escalate things even further.

According to the leaks, Lenovo’s Legion Phone 2 Pro is rumored to launch on April 8th in China first, but it’s unclear if the phone will release anywhere else.