Activision Blizzard has released a list of patch notes that detail changes between the original game and the PvP beta. The highlights here include the new Ping system, and Scoreboard. 

The Scoreboard screen now displays key stats for all players in real time, including eliminations and deaths. The layout echoes that of “other competitive games and sports” and should give you a better and more accurate overview as you play.  

The knock on effect is that the Fire and Medal systems are being scrapped. The new Scoreboard makes it unnecessary for now, but the devs say that they’ll revisit the system at some point down the line. More so for the “excitement and positive feedback” it provides.  


Overwatch has skyrocketed up the ranks on Twitch. It’s currently sitting at 325k views, above GTA 5, Minecraft, League of Legends, and Valorant. xQc is responsible for a bug chunk of that. He’s streaming the Overwatch 2 PvP beta right now, with over 157k people watching.    


The Overwatch 2 PvP beta is live and it looks like the game’s official website is already struggling. TRG’s guides editor, Patrick Dane, reports that is also feeling the strain, although I managed to log in without incident. 

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