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Stay cool all night with Eight Sleep's thermoregulation tech.

Stay cool all night with Eight Sleep’s thermoregulation tech.

Image: Eight Sleep

Make your bedroom smarter with these top picks from Eight Sleep’s Sleep Better Sale as of April 14:

Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat or freezing cold puts a huge damper on your quality of sleep. If you’ve tried all the cooling and heating mattresses and pads and still aren’t getting a good night’s rest, it might be time to bring some smart technology to the table.

Eight Sleep specializes in smart mattresses with thermoregulation. And it’s not just the so-called cooling foam you’ll see advertised by other mattress brands. Eight Sleep’s mattresses and mattress covers use water-driven cooling technology, powered by a smart hub that sits at the side of the bed. You can use an integrated app to set your ideal sleeping climate, and the mattress or cover will work silently all night long to help you stay at that temperature. There are also tons of other smart features like sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and even gentle alarms — all from your mattress. 

As of April 14, take advantage of the Better Sleep Sale at Eight Sleep. You can score $50 off the Pod Pro mattress cover, $100 off Pod and Pod Pro mattresses, plus an extra $150 off mattresses, with code AFF150. Plus, snag 20% off accessories with the purchase of a mattress or mattress cover to round out your bedroom upgrades. 

OUR TOP PICK: The Pod mattress — Starting at $2,045 with code AFF150

If you need a little help falling asleep, The Pod might be the bed for you. It features smart cooling and heating technology that will keep your body at the ideal temperature all night. No more waking up in a sweat or rushing to get more blankets — just set your ideal temperature in the app, and your mattress will maintain it. You’ll also get advanced sleep tracking, measuring metrics like sleep stages, sleep time, heart rate, movement, and more. 

Make your bedroom even smarter with high-tech mattresses from Eight Sleep on sale

BEST UPGRADE PICK: The Pod Pro mattress — Starting at $2,545 with code AFF150

Take the smart sleeping experience even further with the Pod Pro mattress. It’s even more comfortable than The Pod, thanks to the Comfort Blend topper. This mattress features the most temperature sensors, measuring room temperature, humidity, and local weather to keep your bed at the true ideal temperature. You’ll also get access to Pod Pro-exclusive daily health checks of your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability, to get an idea of your overall physical wellness.

Plus, get a wake-up call from your bed — no alarm required. The Pod Pro features GentleRise, which will emit a light vibration at chest level and cool or warm the bed for you right before you need to get up. 

Make your bedroom even smarter with high-tech mattresses from Eight Sleep on sale

BEST FOR UPDATING YOUR EXISTING MATTRESS: The Pod Pro Cover — Starting at $1,545 

The Pod Pro cover will give you all the smart features that Eight Sleep has to offer, but lets you keep your existing mattress. The Pod Pro cover is ideal for giving your current bed a cooling boost with  Eight Sleep’s thermoregulation technology. And don’t worry if you share a bed with someone who is always cold while you’re always hot — the Pod Pro cover has dual zone temperature control for a custom sleep experience on each side of the bed.

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