The iconic Opel Manta A is transforming into an all-electric, emission free ElektroMOD.

Opel introduced its new EV with a teaser video on April 20, 2021, and it’s exciting!

Typically I’m not really a huge fan of Opel, its cars are a bit conservative for my taste. I have to admit, though, that with this blend of tradition and innovation, well, I’m sold.

The traditional proportions of Opel’s new EV instantly recall the classic coupe of 1970, only now it’s equipped with a powerful electric motor.

The grille of the original Manta gave is now a digital display, called “Pixel-Vizor”. This way, Opel claims, the car can communicate with its environment and bear messages.

“I’m a zero e-emission,” and “I’m an ElektroMOD” are the displayed messages, as shown by the pictures given to the press.

A beaming smile thanks to LED technology, neon yellow bodywork, and the QR code that replaced the Manta Logo, all add to the car’s futuristic design.

Specific details about its powertrain and interior are still not available. We need only wait until May 19, 2021 for its complete unveiling.