While the Moto G8 hasn’t even launched in some regions yet, Motorola is launching two budget phones that are even cheaper: the Moto G Fast and the new Moto E.

Both handsets are priced below the Moto G8 series, and while they aren’t quite as refined, they have respectable perks and features for their cost. Much like this year’s generation of G8-series phones, though, both of these new cheap phones have more defined identities than you might expect.

The Moto G Fast is the slightly swankier device with a Snapdragon 665 chipset and 3GB of RAM. The 32GB of storage is notably small, but it can be expanded up to 512Gb via microSD. The phone has a 6.4-inch HD Plus display and a pair of rear cameras (ultra-wide and macro) and a punch-hole front-facing camera, as well as a large 4,000mAh battery.

Given that Motorola is being a bit more restrained in its G-series releases this year, the G Fast is essentially taking the role of the ‘Play’ version of the Moto G8 series, packing most of its costlier sibling’s perks at a lower pricetag.

(Image credit: Motorola)

The new Moto E

The new Moto E is a step down from the G Fast in price and features, though not by much: its Snapdragon 632 chipset, dual rear camera (13MP main shooter and depth sensor) as well as 3,550mAh battery make it a solid budget choice. Its 32GB storage isn’t impressive, but it can also be expanded to 512GB via microSD card.

Both of these new phones are up for preorder on June 5 and will be available in the US at retailers like Best Buy, B&H, and Amazon beginning June 12, though we know the Moto G Fast is coming to the UK at some point (pricing TBA). The G Fast will retail for $199, while the Moto E will cost $149. 

A year for budget phones

While plenty of features from last year’s best phones usually trickle down to cheap handsets, this year’s crop of cheap phones are finally getting a particular set of long-awaited premium features: more cameras.

The Moto G8 and its specialized versions, the Moto G8 Power and Moto G8 Stylus, all have a trio of shooters: main, ultrawide, and macro. The Moto G Fast gets this triple-camera rear setup, too, proving that even the more modest phones are getting the big boy toys. While the Moto E isn’t included in the club, the line had to be drawn somewhere – and the 13MP main camera and depth sensor should suit budget consumers just fine.

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