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Image: american tourister

TL;DR: As of June 25, Luggage from American Tourister is on sale across the board. Use code SAVEMORE to save up to 30% to 50% depending on how much you spend, and on June 25 only, take up to 75% off the Moonlight hardside collection.

You know what feels a lot better than moping about this summer’s postponed vacation? Preparing for the rescheduled version, plus all that extra traveling that you’re planning to do to make up for having no plans this summer.

Solidify that manifestation by officially buying the hardside luggage you’ve always wanted. American Tourister is in the midst of multiple huge sales right now, including up to 75% off their esteemed Moonlight Hardside collection. This means you could snag a $200-something suitcase for $60.

The Moonlight Spinners are everything you’d want in a suitcase: a rugged shell to keep your packed items safe from being smushed, an organized, pocketed interior, double zippers for expansion, and a push-button handle for easy wheeled maneuvering. Patterns include marble, iridescent black, and palm trees.

But if American Tourister is known for anything, it’s the near-infinite number of patterns that span multiple collections of suitcases, including fabric spinners if you’re not into the hardshell design. If you were eyeing up a non-Moonlight piece — like something from the five pages of Disney luggage — there are savings there, too.

Code SAVEMORE essentially turns this into a sitewide sale:

New buyers also receive an extra 25% off their first purchase.