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TL;DR: As of May 20, you can save 10% on $25 and $50 Xbox gift cards at Dell by entering the coupon code GAME10 during checkout.

People have come up with a lot of creative ways to connect amid social distancing restrictions, from Zoom weddings to FaceTime dates, but having a conference call over Red Dead Online (see below) is truly a galaxy-brain move.

In times like these, video games can be the ideal venues for virtual hangouts: Gaming with your pals, relatives, or coworkers allows you to chat with each other *and* have some fun at the same time, taking care of quarantine fatigue and boredom in one swift blow. 

If you’re thinking of grabbing something new to play while you’re stuck in isolation, be sure to head over to Dell ASAP: The electronics retailer is currently running a deal on digital Xbox gift cards where you can take 10% off increments of $25 and $50 just by entering the code GAME10 during checkout.

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Easily redeemed on Xbox or Windows, Xbox gift cards can be applied toward games, Xbox Game Pass memberships, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, hardware, accessories, and more — even movies and shows that are available for rental and purchase in the Microsoft Store. (Certain in-game purchases can be made with a gift card, too, like map packs, levels, skins, and coins, although some require a credit card.) It’s also worth noting that Xbox gift cards never expire, so if there’s an upcoming game you’re looking forward to that’s not yet available for pre-order, you can stash one aside in the meantime.

Hit the blue buttons below to shop Dell’s sale on $25 and $50 Xbox gift cards (and don’t forget to apply GAME10 during checkout).

Psst: Don’t have an Xbox yet? They’re pretty hard to find right now, but the last time we checked, an Xbox One S bundle featuring exclusives for the multiplayer platform Roblox was up for grabs at GameStop for $299.99.