After browsing for a new movie or TV show to watch on Netflix, people may throw something on before deciding 10 minutes in they’re just not that interested. Netflix’s new “remove from row” feature is designed to make it easier for people to remove those titles from their currently watching offerings.

The goal is to give people more control over what appears on their Netflix homepage. The “continue watching” row is one of the most prominent, appearing at the top of the homepage. This makes it easy to jump back into a TV show that someone might be making their way through, or pick right back up where they left off with The Irishman (if you’re like me and it took a few sittings to watch).

The annoying thing, however, is that if someone is no longer interested in watching a movie or a TV show, the title doesn’t disappear from the row. It eventually gets pushed down the line as new titles are watched, but it doesn’t just go away. Now, people can access the feature by clicking on a title in the row. There’s an example of how it looks on Android devices in the screenshot below.

Netflix is also making it a little quicker to access episodes, info, and ratings by adding them directly into the menu when people tap on a title. This should save people from having to go into the movie or TV show’s individual landing page. An example of the shortcut is in the screenshot below.

The “remove from row” feature is currently available to Android mobile users on both phone and tablet devices. Netflix intends to roll the feature out to people using iOS devices on June 29th. The Verge has asked Netflix for more information about further rollout.

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