A fresh load of Nintendo Switch deals are in stock in both the US and UK this weekend, so if you’ve been waiting on the fully fledged console over the past few months now is the time to pounce. The Nintendo Switch has been out of stock for so long that any consoles that have managed to hit the shelves over the past weeks have been picked off almost instantly. That’s not the case right now, however. These Nintendo Switch deals have remained in stock for a full day now, suggesting the hybrid console might be here to stay. That means, while we don’t know how long this stock will stick around for, the Switch may well be back in our stores. 

If you’re in the US, you’ll find this Nintendo Switch bundle up for $519.99 at GameStop meanwhile UK shoppers can pick up the Neon Nintendo Switch at Amazon for £299, or at Very for £279.99

We’ve also just spotted this £319.99 Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle and this Mario Kart bundle back in stock at Very, as well as a £279.99 console available from Argos for delivery tomorrow.

The Nintendo Switch deals in the US are a little pricey, but you’re not getting swindled by gougers here. GameStop are simply fending off the waiting punters by bundling some excellent value into a higher price tag – well worth it if you’ve been desperate to get your hands on all those goodies but while discouraging scalpers. All of that means you’ve got a pretty good shot at picking up a Nintendo Switch deal in stock right now, but we’d still move quickly.

It’s been a long time coming, but this latest Nintendo Switch stock may just be the start of the console’s return to our shelves, but for now, this is going to be an incredible race to the checkout. 

You’ll find the latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deals still available further down the page. 

Nintendo Switch deals in stock in the US

Nintendo Switch bundle | $519.99 at GameStop
This Nintendo Switch bundle may look pricey at first glance, but there’s a whole load of games included in this price tag. Animal Crossing, Minecraft and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and a Nintendo Switch Pro controller are all included here.
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Nintendo Switch bundle – Gray | $519.99 at GameStop
If the offer above is out of stock or you’re really set on those gray Joy-Cons, you’ll find the same $519 price tag on the same Nintendo Switch bundle in a color variant at GameStop as well.
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Nintendo Switch in stock in the UK

Nintendo Switch | £279.99 at Very
This Very Nintendo Switch deal can send you home with a neon console for the standard RRP of £279.99 right now. That’s £20 cheaper than the Amazon stock below, so move quickly. View Deal

Nintendo Switch | Animal Crossing | £319.99 at Very
This Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch bundle is also back in stock at Very – offering the island getaway adventure with a Neon Nintendo Switch console for just £319.99.
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Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | £319.99 at Very
Or take to the track to show off your skills in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The perfect way to kick start your Nintendo Switch collection, this bundle from Very is also coming in at £319 right now.
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Nintendo Switch | £299 at Amazon
It’s a little more expensive, but if stock has run out on other offers you’ll find the neon Nintendo Switch available at Amazon for £299. That £20 above RRP may well be worth it if this stock doesn’t stick around.
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Nintendo Switch (pre-order) | £279.99 at Nintendo
Nintendo are also offering pre-orders of the Neon console, available to ship at the end of the month. If there is still stock at other retailers available we’d head there, as you’ll likely get your hands on one faster that way.
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Nintendo Switch | £279.99 at Argos
You can also find Nintendo Switch deals back in stock at Argos today, but you’ll have to search via your postcode to make sure there’s consoles in your area.
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Nintendo Switch stock run out? Here’s where you can grab a Switch Lite in the UK and US

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