The Oppo Find X2 Pro is a beautiful looking phone, but looks aren’t everything.

Whether you’re talking about a piece of technology or a human being, beauty’s more than just skin deep. Our personalities are multi-faceted, rich, expressive, so by scratching the surface, the bigger picture becomes priceless. 

That’s exactly why the Find X2’s elegance and premium design are just part of its ultimate story; a gateway to that mighty camera, flagship power, class-leading storage capacity, and lightning-fast 5G.

Then there’s that screen; its 120Hz refresh rate slides and glides while others stutter, making it feel as fast and powerful as the phone is. Speaking of fast, the Find X2 Pro’s Charging speeds are the fastest of any flagship smartphone currently available? Clearly, there’s a lot to uncover here.

A+ screen

Traditional smartphone screens refresh at 60Hz – that’s 60 times in every second. These once looked just fine, but 60Hz doesn’t quite cut it in 2020. Cue the Find X2 Pro’s silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate, for gliding scrolling and swiping that are second to none.

High-refresh-rate screens can drain batteries quickly, but not on the Find X2 Pro. Oppo has tuned its flagship’s refresh rate to intelligently switch to 120Hz for smoother, clearer motion when you will notice it, and 60Hz when you won’t, ensuring you and your phone easily makes it through a full day despite its display credentials. If your need for speed isn’t quite met just yet, we’re not finished. Thanks to a touch sampling rate of up to 240Hz, it registers touches faster than the eye can see.

Fluid visuals are combined with QHD+ clarity for a pin-sharp picture, in addition to billion-color, DCI-P3 rated color accuracy. That means the Find X2 Pro brings your captured moments to life with 10-bit display quality. That’s 64 times the typical number on 8-bit displays, resulting in color transitions that look smooth, and tonal detail and nuance that shines through with natural, lifelike vibrancy.

We’re all looking at screens all day, which is why eye-care has never been so important. Oppo knows this, so the Find X2 Pro, which has TÜV Rheinland Full Care Display Certification, features a smart, AI Adaptive Eye Protection System. This automatically chooses the optimal color temperature and brightness for your surroundings, resulting in less eye strain after extended use.

The screen experience isn’t just about world-class numbers and eye-saving certification though; Oppo’s Find X2 Pro features an O1 Ultra Vision Engine, boosting image quality, and even upscaling ordinary video, so it can take advantage of the high-frame-rate and HDR tech onboard. Coupled with Dolby-tuned dual stereo speakers, the Find X2 Pro is like having a private movie theatre in your pocket.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

(Image credit: Oppo)

No waiting around

Powering up when you’re in a pinch is a dream if you’re using the Find X2 Pro. 

Thanks to innovative 65W SuperVOOC flash charging, the X2 Pro’s ample 4260 mAh battery powers up 40% in just 10 minutes – enough power to see you through to the end of the day.  Want a full charge? That’ll set you back just 38 minutes! Considering many flagships today take over double that, the Find X2 Pro is the ideal phone for anyone who values every second.

Big power may make you think ‘big power consumption’, but Qualcomm’s latest 5G chipset, the Snapdragon 865 balances efficiency and performance like a champion. That’s why even though the Find X2 Pro is brimming with premium features, it will also comfortably see you through from morning to night.


And so, when you dig a little deeper, venturing beyond the beauty of Oppo’s Find X2 Pro, you’ll discover a smartphone bursting with best-in-class features, not least of all a stellar display and cutting edge power, and power management.