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2021 is in sight. Start it off with some new goals.
2021 is in sight. Start it off with some new goals.

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2020 has been a year filled with… well, mostly dread, to be honest. But while this year has absolutely sucked, quarantine has provided an opportunity for some people to pick up new hobbies they never had time for before. 

If you’d like to get into a new hobby but haven’t selected one yet, we’ve hand-picked a bunch of sweet deals for those who want to start off the (hopefully better) new year by pursuing new goals. 

From instruments to painting supplies and more, here are the best deals for those who need a new hobby as we head toward Cyber Monday.

Having an entire plant nursery in your home isn’t just nice for the aesthetic — it’s also nice to have something to take care of. Stock up during The Sill’s Cyber Week sale and save up to 50% on some truly gorgeous greenery.

2. Kick off the music career you’ve always dreamt of

Been listening to Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher on repeat and getting the feeling that it’s finally time to pick up your very own six-string? Guitar Center has a bevy of them on sale, in addition to a ton of other instruments. 

3. Start working out (but for real this time)

Going to public gyms isn’t the best idea quite yet, but there’s still plenty you can do from the comfort of your own home. The Mirror is pretty much the most futuristic piece of home workout equipment you can get at the moment, and it’s also $500 off. 

Can’t decide what hobby to get into? Try out a bunch of different ones with MasterClass — have Gordon Ramsay teach you how to cook, let Tony Hawk show you how to skateboard, or opt for something else in the vast MasterClass collection.

5. Commit to reading one book per month (or more, if you want)

If you’re an aspiring bookworm, it’s important that you read on a consistent basis. Book of the Month will hold you to that, and you can get your first shipment for just $5.

6. Watch more TV, because that’s a hobby, too (no matter what they say)

The world will try to make you feel lazy for your constant binge watching, but know in your heart that they’re probably doing it, too. Hulu has a ridiculously good deal running right now if you need more stuff to watch.

7. Practice for your Bake Off debut with a bakeware set

The latest season of The Great British Bake Off may be over, but you’re only getting started. Take a whack at your favorite recipes with this comprehensive bakeware set from Calphalon.

8. Take up photography, or start that YouTube channel you never got around to

Whether you’re trying to up your Instagram game or start a vlog, a nice camera should be a part of your toolset. The Canon Rebel series is a great beginner camera that tons of vloggers and photographers recommend, and it’s super affordable.

9. Start a candle collection and fill your home with all the scents

You can never have enough candles. Just ask Jan from The Office. Start your collection off with a shopping cart full of Bath & Body Works’ iconic three-wicks.

If you have the desire and patience to paint some breathtaking, lifelike landscapes of your own, load up on painting supplies and throw on your favorite Bob Ross tutorial. Arteza has a good starter selection on sale, including individual paints, canvases, and brushes.

Jigsaw puzzles can be the perfect way to pass some time, and Puzzle Warehouse is offering a buy three, get one free deal storewide. That may sound like a lot of puzzles to buy at once, but wait until you see all the adorable animal-themed ones they have. 

12. Make yourself a new wardrobe with some knitting materials

It’s starting to get cold, which means it’s time to throw on a scarf, beanie, and a cozy pair of mittens. But why not make them yourself? That sounds fun, doesn’t it? 

13. Learn an Adobe program like PhotoShop, Premiere, and more

Knowing literally any Adobe program by heart is an extremely valuable skill. Sign up for Creative Cloud and test them all out to see which one you’d like to master.

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