Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will be making a return to PlayStation consoles, with Spider-Man Miles Morales officially confirmed as a PS5 launch title.

Set to land with the console in ‘Holiday 2020’, it replaces old-school Peter Parker with Miles Morales, the latest fan-favourite incarnation of Spider-Man.

A full sequel to the 2018 title Marvel’s Spider-Man, we saw only a glimpse of the game, with Miles kitted out in his signature red and black costume amidst a snow-swept NYC.

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Into the Spider-Verse

With a nod to the hugely-popular Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse  film, the game’s color palette is awash with neon and spectacle.

The 2018 Spider-Man was a pleasant surprise, with many seeing it as good a superhero game as there’s ever been, alongside the Batman Arkham series. Insomniac Games nailed Spider-Man’s motion and swinging, making for a fluid traversal and combat system that was a joy to play, and a great comic-worthy storyline.

With the 2018 game being used early on by Sony to showcase the power of the PS5’s SSD, expect Miles Morales to be swinging in through a New York City free of loading screens and pop up.

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