Matt Swider, our PS5 restock Twitter tracker, is still watching out for last-minute Best Buy stock – and you can get a live alert if you follow his account – but there’s a sense that we’ll see the next PS5 restock in the new week, likely at Target and Antonline, and at possibly Walmart and GameStop. We’re well beyond the Best Buy PS5 restock time window of 12pm EDT and 3:15pm EDT. But nothing is confirmed yet until you see the tweet.

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Here’s an example of the instant PS5 restock alerts you’ll get by following Matt Swider when both the Disc ($399) and PS5 Digital Edition ($499) are back in stock.

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When will PS5 restock in the US?

The Best Buy PS5 restock date of April 16 is looking unlikely by the minute, and there are no weekend restocks, so our best bet is to look for restock events in the new week. That means Target, Walmart, GameStop and Antonline, as we review below.

What happened this week? We saw the new Sony console restock at several other stores this week besides Best Buy. That includes Walmart, GameStop, Antonline and Sony Direct. Just be prepared for the Best Buy PS5 restock to last up to 45 minutes – many people give up on trying to buy it as soon as they see the words ‘sold out’. Really, the inventory releases in waves.

Best Buy PS5 restock time

  • Rumored PS5 Best Buy restock date: was today, Friday, April 16 (hasn’t happened)
  • Rumored PS5 Best Buy restock time: maybe 2pm EDT
  • Last Best Buy restock date: three weeks ago – Friday, March 26
  • When it’s in stock: Best Buy PS5 Disc | Best Buy PS5 Digital
  • Wait time: Online orders, in-store pick up 3-5 days later 
  • Get alerts: Follow our Twitter tracker

The Best Buy restock date was rumored to be today, April 16, according to the big-box retailer’s past patterns. Best Buy already had two misses over the last two Fridays – this would be the third today. And the last PS5 restock before that was limited to PS5 Disc for $499. There was no inventory of the PS5 Digital for $399.

Best Buy has a Friday launch window of 12pm EDT to 3:15pm EDT (we haven’t seen it later than that) and we’re well beyond that time. And it has never done a PS5 restock over the weekend in 2021, so we might not see a Best By restock until Friday, April 23.

Here’s our PS5 restock tracker alert from Friday March 26:

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Walmart PS5 restock date and time

There’s a chance that the next Walmart PS5 restock date and time is April 22 at 3pm EDT. At least that’s the retailer’s pattern: launching consoles on Thursdays. Now, the pattern is usually every Thursday for a month and then an entire month off, however, this week was such a small restock (only two waves ten minutes apart), we are at least keeping prepped for a Walmart PS5 restock date next week.

We’ll know for sure just after 12pm EDT on the April 22, when the American retailer usually sends TechRadar and other media outlets an official announcement.

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Sony Direct PS5 restock date and time

The Sony Direct PS5 restock happened twice this week – and in two different ways: on Tuesday and Thursday with an email invite for randomly selected customers and then later those same days for everyone else in a much harder to get lottery system. While we will alert you if there’s another restock for the general public today, April 16, there are no Sony Direct email invites out there, so all signs point to no restock. It could become a Tuesday and Thursday thing.

Here’s what our Sony Direct PS5 restock alert looked (April 13 example shown):

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Antonline PS5 restock date

The next Antonline PS5 restock may be next week. Antonline promises weekly drops of the next-gen console and it already launched a PS5 bundle this week. These are always in the form of loaded PS5 bundles, so the price is higher, but it’s easy to snag the console that way.

Even with bundles, Antonline normally sells out of PS5 in three minutes, but when it goes on sale, there are no waves or in stock/out of stock funny business with the add to cart button. And this American retailer ships fast. Basically it’s the opposite of a Walmart PS5 restock.

Here’s what our Antonline restock alerts look like:

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Target PS5 restock date and time

The rumored Target PS5 is Wednesday, April 21 or Thursday, April 22, although this has not been confirmed just yet. But there is inventory of the Sony console coming through the Target warehouses, according to sources via Jake Randall. But don’t expect to see a Target PS5 drop until our Twitter tracker mentions it. In other words, there’s no reason to wake up for the brutal 7:40am EDT / 4:40am PT PS5 drop time at Target unless we tweet about it in advance.

Here’s what our Target PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 31 example shown):

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Sam’s Club PS5 restock

  • Possible restock date: Happens randomly on weekdays (any time)
  • Last restock date: Tuesday, March 23 at 1am EDT
  • Wait time: Online orders, average one week shipping
  • Follow our Twitter tracker to get alerts

Sam’s Club is overdue for a PS5 restock – the last time was a surprise at 1am EDT on March 23. That off-putting time made it stay in stock way longer than normal: a whole four minutes. That’s a lifetime in the console restock world. 

Sam’s Club, unlike Best Buy and Walmart, doesn’t do frequent restocks or stick to a time schedule. So it’s important to follow our PS5 restock tracker for this store. While you don’t have to be a member of Sam’s Club to buy PS5, you will get charged a fee or need to use a temporary membership to purchase the Sony console.

Here’s what our Sam’s Club PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 23):

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GameStop PS5 bundle restock date

The next GameStop PS5 restock date is likely to be late next week or the week after. We usually have to wait one week to one-and-a-half week wait for a GameStop PS5 drop consisting of bundles. And the last date was April 14, with a 45-minute wave of new Sony PS5 Disc and Digital console stock – in bundle form. 

GameStop made this restock easier than it was before; two weeks ago, most people who tried were met with error messages when clicking the add to cart button.

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Amazon PS5 restock

This is the $499 question: when will PS5 restock at Amazon? The retailer was said to be ready to go live with 46,000 consoles in its inventory on March 18, according to our sources at its warehouses. However, we haven’t seen the retailer update its PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition pages beyond what third-party resellers are offering at outrageous prices, and theories are running rampant – including whether or not it’s saving the mystery PS5 stock for Amazon Prime Day

New: We’re told that the Xbox may drop sooner than the PS5, even though Amazon just had a small round of Microsoft consoles for sale three weeks ago.

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Costco PS5 restock date

The Costco PS5 restock is overdue, and, shockingly it goes quickly, even though the retailer only offers the new console to its members. That really tells you how strong demand is for PS5. It often has reasonably priced PS5 bundles, so it’s no wonder it sells out in four minutes, according to our PS5 restock tracker. The good news is that Costco is overdue for a Sony console restock.

Here’s what our Costco PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 9):

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TechRadar will continue to report on PS5 restock information as the news breaks. We’ll keep this page updated with the most relevant data regarding Sony’s console and when it’s back in stock. Time is always a factor, so knowing when PS5 will be in stock at Best Buy and other retailers give you a better chance to buy it in April, rather than having to wait until the summer of 2021 – or even later this year.