The best PS5 restock Twitter tracker is here with an update for today, Monday, April 5, and there’s good news if you’re looking to buy the new Sony console: Matt Swider, our console restock expert, knows it’ll be on sale this week. When and where? Tuesday, April 6 – the time and store will be tweeted below. If you sign up for the Twitter alerts, you’ll get notices from all stores in the US, including Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop and Target.

To get advance notice, follow Matt Swider as he tracks the PS5 console on Twitter:

  • When? Follow @mattswider, our PS5 restock Twitter tracker for notifications when the next PS5 restock is live at all US stores. It’s the fastest way to get real-time updates. Don’t buy directly off Twitter users – which are all scams – only to the websites Matt points you to.

An example of what our PS5 restock alert looks like (from the Walmart PS5 drop on March 18). Click through to follow the account.

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When will PS5 restock in the US?

Our PS5 restock Twitter tracker sends an alert either the minute new inventory goes live, or reveals it ahead of time in some cases. We have sources inside most warehouses, like Best Buy, Target and other stores we can’t name, who kindly tip us off ahead of time.

In fact, we know that Tuesday, April 6 is a sure thing, according to retailers we have talked to, and we may see a Target PS5 restock on Thursday April 8 and a Walmart PS5 restock on Friday, April 9, if both big-box stores stick to their usual dates. 

Sony Direct didn’t have a PS5 restock all week either, which is actually good news for this week. We could see Sony’s official store for the PlayStation brand have a good week of restocks, while Walmart may take another week off. It’s not just Sony PS5 that’s hard to buy; you won’t find Xbox Series X restock or Nvidia 3080 in stock, as theres a semiconductor shortage worldwide.

That’s why we set up our PS5 restock Twitter tracker – it’s only getting harder.

Antonline PS5 restock date

You may not know Antonline, but this is a trusted retailer that offers fast shipping on PS5 with loaded bundles. And it has publicly stated it has “drops every week”. Since it launched a PS5 bundle March 30, we anticipate another PS5 restock from Antonline early this week.

Antonline sell out of PS5 in three minutes, but when it goes on sale, there are no waves or in stock/out of stock funny business with the add to cart button.

Here’s what our Antonline restock alerts look like:

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Sony Direct date and time

The Sony Direct PS5 restock may be as soon as Tuesday, April 6 in the afternoon, at least that’s our theory. Why that date and time? Because Sony Direct hasn’t had the PS5 in stock since Tuesday, March 23 at 5pm EDT – it took all last week off.

That means Sony Direct is overdue for a restock, and this could be the week. Don’t anticipate Sony to offer the console on Monday, right after the Easter holiday. The more likely restock date is Tuesday, April 6, and the good news is that Sony requires a PSN account and restricts orders to one console per address, limiting resellers. You have a good shot at winning this lottery of sorts.

Here’s what our Sony Direct PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 23 example shown):

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Target PS5 restock date and time

The Target PS5 restock rumors were true last week – it did have a limited restock on Wednesday, March 31, as we reported with the help of YouTuber Jake Randall. The Target restock dates are usually once every two weeks on a Thursday, so Wednesday threw us for a loop. 

We still think there will be next-gen consoles at Target on Thursday, April 8, and you should start refreshing that page at 7am EDT, although it can happen as late at 8am EDT or 9am EDT in some instances. Last week was around 7:40am EDT, which is brutal for the West coast (especially if it doesn’t happen), but those folks have way less competition. Why does is the Target PS5 restock time so early? They want to have people secure orders in advance of their East coast stores opening, so that word doesn’t get out there and people aren’t going to the stores looking for stock. 

Here’s what our Target PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 31 example shown):

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Best Buy PS5 restock date and time

The next Best Buy PS5 restock date and time may be Friday, April 9 at 12pm EDT / 11am CDT / 10am MDT / 9am PDT, or at least that’s when the console drop typically happens at the big-box retailer judging from past patterns. Best Buy had a rare miss this last Friday, April 2, when we didn’t see orders open. A week prior, it only had PS5 Disc for $499, no inventory of the PS5 Digital for $399.

Best Buy has a Friday launch window of 12pm EDT to 3:15pm EDT (we haven’t seen it later than that) and hasn’t done a PS5 restock over the weekend in 2021. Our Twitter tracker has always picked up on when they ‘add to cart’ button goes live. In fact, we were able to run an exclusive report ahead of the official time thanks to sources at Best Buy warehouses regarding inventory.

Here’s our PS5 restock tracker alert from Friday March 26:

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GameStop PS5 bundle restock date

When will PS5 bundle restock at GameStop? Late next week or early the following week, as video game retailer likes to offer game-and-accessory-packed bundles every week to week-and-a-half after the last PS5 drop. You may dislike the higher price of GameStop bundles, but the retailer offering everything at face value and the bundles slow down resellers who have a harder time profiting from extras. 

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Walmart PS5 restock date

The next Walmart PS5 restock date could be as late as Thursday, April 15, according to the retailer’s pattern of launching consoles every other Thursday for a month and then taking an entire month off. The last time we saw the Sony PS5 back in stock at Walmart, it was Thursday, March 18 at 3pm EDT and we know Walmart is behind of shipping out current orders, so while we could see it sooner, we think this is a solid date to start looking again.

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When is the Amazon PS5 restock?

This is the $499 question: when will PS5 restock at Amazon? The retailer was said to be ready to go live with 46,000 consoles in its inventory, according to our sources at its warehouses. However, we haven’t seen the retailer update its PS5 Disc and PS5 Digital Edition pages beyond what third-party resellers are offering at outrageous prices. New: We’re told that the Xbox may drop sooner than the PS5, even though Amazon just had a small round of Microsoft consoles for sale two weeks ago.

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The PS5 restock at Costco goes quickly, even though the retailer only offers the new console to its members. That really tells you how strong demand is for PS5. It often has reasonably priced PS5 bundles, so it’s no wonder it sells out in four minutes, according to our PS5 restock tracker. The good news is that Costco is overdue for a Sony console restock.

Here’s what our Costco PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 9):

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When will PS5 restock at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club has had a surprise PS5 restock at 1am EDT on March 23. That off-putting time made it stay in stock way longer than normal: a whole four minutes. That’s a lifetime in the console restock world. Sam’s Club, unlike retailers like Best Buy and Walmart, doesn’t do frequently restocks or stick to a time schedule. So it’s important to follow our PS5 restock tracker for this store. While you don’t have to be a member of Sam’s Club to buy PS5, you will get charged a fee or use a temporary membership to purchase the Sony console.

Here’s what our Sam’s Club PS5 restock alert looked like last time (March 23):

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TechRadar will continue to report on PS5 restock information as the news breaks. We’ll keep this page updated with the most relevant data regarding Sony’s console and when it’s back in stock. Time is always a factor, so knowing when PS5 will be in stock at Best Buy and other retailers give you a better chance to buy it in April, rather than having to wait until the summer of 2021 – or even later this year.