Cut from the Apple website, no longer selling from major retailers like Carphone Warehouse and…grab your violins everybody and play a sad song – the iPhone 8 looks to be going out of business.

Last year, Apple took a chainsaw mentality to the popular 10th anniversary iPhone X, completely removing it from the Apple website. Not long after hosts of retailers pulled it, and now, this looks to be happening to the iPhone 8.

Head straight to Apple and you’ll be told the phone is “available at authorised retailers”. But as retailers have started to discontinue this device, that starts to get a little bit tricky. Luckily, Apple has offered a solution.

The cheap iPhone solution:

If you’ve recently been looking into cheap iPhone deals, you’ll probably have seen the new and shiny iPhone SE deals now on the market. Externally, it’s an iPhone 8…literally.

It has the exact same screen and body size, ratio, camera set-up and style. But internally Apple has crammed in its 2020 A13 Bionic chip (the same as the iPhone 11), more powerful camera specs and a number of other improvements.

And despite its 2020 specs, it’s really not that expensive, coming in at £419 SIM-free. So yes, we can remember the good ol’ iPhone 8 with its cheap price tag or look to the future and present you all with an alternative – iPhone SE deals.

The best iPhone SE deals:

iPhone 8 deals: it’s not too late to buy

Still interested in the iPhone 8 instead? Luckily it is still for now available from a host of retailers with just a select few cutting the cord. For how long that will last, we can’t say for certain.

Head to our iPhone 8 deals page to see the available options.

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