In a new interview with TV Line, Aasif Mandvi revealed Ben joins a “science league” shortly after his “brain breaks” trying to explain the supernatural events of season three.

This season, the theme of Ben’s character is that his brain breaks, and he’s sort of struggling with not being able to figure out things. He’s been working with David and Kristen now for this period of time, and he’s finding incredible frustration and doesn’t know how to deal with the fact that like these things keep happening, and he can’t find the answers. So he ends up going to his sister and ends up going to like a science league, which is a bunch of geeks all hanging out, just doing science stuff.

He finds his posse a little bit and reconnects to his roots of empiricism and science and a fact-based world. But again, you know, that doesn’t work out exactly the way he thought it would. [Laughs] … I think it’s made him a little crazy with all of this stuff. And especially Season 2, when he was dealing with like the succubus. He’s on the other side of that a little bit now, trying to figure out.

Last season he had that romance with Vanessa, and she turned out to be a bit wackadoo. He sort of falls into that trap again a little bit, you know? [Laughs] He’s clearly attracted to women who are a little bit crazy.


The Last of Us

New pictures from the set of The Last of Us (via Den of Geek) see Bella Ramsey’s Ellie dressed in a familiar-looking t-shirt. Click through to see more.


The Flash

Joe and Cecille get involved when a new Meta becomes a mass murderer in the synopsis for “Death Rises,” the April 27 episode of The Flash.

ALL HANDS ON DECK – With a new Meta terrorizing the city, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) lends a hand to the local authorities, meanwhile Barry (Grant Gustin) gets an assist from Cecille (Danielle Nicolet) who helps to track the mass murderer. Phil Chipera directed the episode with the story by Alex Boyd and teleplay by Arielle McAlpin & Dan Fisk (#812). Original airdate 4/27/2022.


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Meanwhile, the Charmed Ones face a new threat “inspired by the Tallyman” in the synopsis for “Cats and Camels and Elephants, Oh My” airing April 29.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES – Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Kaela (Lucy Barrett) must divide and conquer when they become aware of a new, formidable threat inspired by the Tallyman (guest star Jed Rees.) Maggie and Harry (Rupert Evans) team up to chase down a lead in a dangerous magical realm. Mel needs Jordan’s (Jordan Donica) help healing a “creature” with whom she has a deep emotional connection. And Kaela’s budding flirtation with Dev (guest star Kapil Talwalkar) must contend with a surprise visitor from her past. Jem Garrard directed the episode written by Jeffery Lieber and Christina Piña (#407). Original airdate 4/29/2022.


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Cleo is “fearful of her visions” in the synopsis for “I Wouldn’t Be Standing Here If It Weren’t For You,” the April 28 episode of Legacies.

FAMILY FIRST – Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) continues her fight and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) devises a plan to potentially help. Cleo (Omono Okojie) is fearful of her visions and what it means for those she loves. Alaric (Matthew Davis) sends Kaleb (Chris Lee), Ethan (Leo Howard) and MG (Quincy Fouse) on a high-stakes mission. Jed (Ben Levin) finds himself needing to make a very difficult choice. Meanwhile, Landon (Aria Shaghasemi) makes a surprising discovery. The episode was written by Layne Morgan & Courtney Grace and directed by Jason Stone (#413). Original airdate 4/28/2022.



The Man Who Fell to Earth

Faraday is under investigation by the CIA in the synopsis for “Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed,” the May 1 episode of The Man Who Fell to Earth.

After the shocking discovery that The Mission is far more complex and dangerous than he believed, and the only human who can guide him abandons him to protect her family and her sanity, Faraday must go it alone, unaware that he’s suddenly on the radar of a CIA agent.


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The B&B comes under the spell of a Norse curse in the synopsis for “Farnsby & B,” the April 21 season finale of Ghosts.

As Sam and Jay await the arrival of their first official B&B guests, they face obstacles triggered by a Norse curse placed upon them by Thorfinn. Also, Isaac takes a huge, centuries-in-the-making step in his personal life, on the first season finale of the CBS Original series GHOSTS, Thursday, April 21 (9:01-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.


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Claire and Jamie solve a homicide in the trailer for “Sticks and Stones,” this week’s episode of Outlander.


Finally, everyone’s asking “what makes Master Chief so special?” in the trailer for this week’s episode of Halo.

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