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Slip them in whatever footwear you have.
Slip them in whatever footwear you have.

Image: Dynamic Blue

TL;DR: Get help fixing your foot alignment with the Custom Feet Dynamic Blue: Heat Moldable Orthotic Insoles for $99.95, a 66% savings as of May 31.

When it comes to shoes, many of us adopt the “style before comfort” philosophy. You know those prized chunky boots you insist on wearing even though they do nothing but kill your feet? Yeah. But anything to look cute, right?

Your poor feet can only endure so much. You don’t want to incur more cuts and blisters, and we are willing to bet you don’t want to feel any more pain, either.

The next time you slip into less-than-comfortable shoes, get the proper cushioning and support you need with the Custom Feet Insoles. These orthotic insoles are designed to give you more accurate customized arch support. When you place an order, you receive an impression kit to create your footprint, which you will have to send back to have your insoles molded.

Check it out:

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Within three to four days, you’ll get a pair of insoles made just for you, designed to help with any arch condition and help align your feet for better support, balance, and comfort. The pair you get also features the proprietary Dynamic Blue design, suitable for amateur and professional athletes and offers shock absorption, comfort, and support.

Slip them in whatever footwear you have, whether they’re walking or casual hiking shoes, work shoes, and yes, boots. That way, you can enjoy superior comfort and cushioning all day, and won’t feel like you have to sit or stay in one corner every time.

Usually $299.99, these customized insoles are now on sale for only $99.95 — a savings of 66%.