With offers this good, why wait for Prime Day deals on July 12? If you’re looking for some of the best stereo speakers on the market right now, Q-Acoustics is running a top deal on the excellent M20 HD (above – aren’t they beautiful?), an early Prime Day deal that sees their regular $599 MSRP slashed to just $499 (opens in new tab) – a huge 17% saving on a set of powered bookshelf speakers that to the best of our knowledge has never seen a discount, until now.

What does powered mean? It means the amplification is squirrelled away in one of the speakers so, just like some of the best soundbars you can buy, you won’t even need an amplifier to go with them! 

Now, the deals:

The best early Prime Day speaker deal live now

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The great Q Acoustic M20 HD speakers are aptX HD capable for better-quality Bluetooth wireless streaming, and you’ll also get a number of connections on the back of the active speaker (don’t worry, you can choose which one sits on the left or right, depending on your room and where the electricity points are). 

There’s a choice of an optical audio input, a brace of left and right stereo audio analogue inputs, and an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo jack, all for attaching them to a TV, Blu-ray player, set-top box, record player or an AV amplifier.

Any issues? Well, there’s no HDMI ARC, but as long as that doesn’t bother you (the new Sonos Ray doesn’t have it either) the M20 HD offers an impressive and easy plug-and-play upgrade to your living room’s soundstage – and one that can just as easily be moved to a games room or a home office. 

As a ‘first music system’ for literally any room in a home, and for any kind of home entertainment, the versatile M20 HD is an exciting prospect.

Not sure these are the speakers for you? Well, you’re in luck! Q-Acoustics is also running similar discounts on two of its most popular speaker propositions. Let’s go!

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