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How can you complain about “cancel culture” if you’re also going out of your way to “cancel” things you don’t like?

That’s the question posed in Seth Meyer’s latest “A Closer Look” segment on Late Night, as the host examines the recent actions of certain Republicans.

“Republicans have taken their supposed ‘cancel culture’ obsession so far they’re actually proposing real legislation about it,” Meyers explains. “They want to use the power of the state to cancel speech or activism they don’t like. For example, yesterday Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mike Lee introduced legislation to punish Major League Baseball by stripping it of its antitrust exemption after the MLB moved its All Star game in protest of Georgia’s egregious new voter suppression law.”

Next, Meyers plays a clip of Rand Paul on Fox News, arguing that Dr. Fauci should be removed from TV for “fear-mongering.”

“Does this mean you’re trying to cancel Fauci?” asks Meyers. “You guys accused the left of trying to cancel Dr. Seuss and now you’re trying to cancel an actual doctor.”

Ultimately, Meyers argues that Republicans decry supposed cancel culture even though they’re engaged in it themselves. “They want to use their platforms and the power of the state to cancel anyone they disagree with.” he concludes.