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With remote working set to continue for many, the market for super-speed broadband packages is alive and well. Today, Sky is entering the arena with its Sky Broadband Gigafast package.

According to Sky, the Gigafast tier offers up to 900 Mb/s download speeds, which is far ahead of its other packages, and 90 Mb/s upload speeds.

To give you a sense of how fast the new plan is, Sky’s Ultrafast Plus offers a maximum of 500 Mb/s. But with Gigafast, the company guarantees at least 600 Mb/s download speeds.

Ultra fast, all the time 

Sky says Gigafast is delivered using Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) and the accompanying router can support over 120 devices, which seems like it will easily be enough. 

“With game changing speeds that are 25x faster than our standard fibre (36mb/s), Sky Broadband Gigafast offers Wi-Fi-hungry homes the ability to connect lots of devices at any one time, delivered through our reliable network with award-winning customer service,” said Sky’s Aman Bhatti. 

Sky’s offerings regularly rank among the best broadband deals and while Gigafast is a slightly misleading name – given “giga” implies 1 Gb/s, not 900 Mb/s – it ranks very highly in comparing to its peers, costing £55 per month on an 18-month contract.

For context, Virgin Media offers a Gig1 Fibre Broadband (opens in new tab) package with 1,130 Mb/s average speeds for £63 per month.

Sky also has the added bonus of offering an extensive array of TV services on top. If you enjoy watching sports, the latest movies, and pretty much any TV show ever, then getting an include Sky package (broadband + TV) makes a lot of sense.  

Getting fast and reliable broadband is very important in 2022 and it’s good to see Sky stepping up with a competitive package.

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