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Western Digital 5TB My Passport External Hard Drive | $100 | Amazon

This past weekend, I sat around as my crew pondered a new rotation of multiplayer and co-op games to play, but we won’t be able to play them until next weekend. Wanna know why? No one had any of the games installed because they all vehemently refuse to buy more hard drive space, and frankly, I’m just sick of it. I even yelled at them!


Seriously, don’t you get tired of deleting and redownloading the same games over and over again? It’s equally as maddening as those who spend hundreds of dollars per year on disposable batteries. If these words sting, it’s because truth hurts and you’re someone who hasn’t solved one of life’s most annoying recurring issues with a single purchase. With a 5TB Western Digital external hard drive for $100 at Amazon, you won’t feel bound by your digital storage shackles ever again. I promise.


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