A Southern California airport connector project will work with Elon Musk’s The Boring Company to build a high-speed underground tunnel and a new Tesla vehicle is reportedly part of the plan. 

The San Bernardino County Transportation Authority approved a connector line between Rancho Cucamonga with the Ontario International Airport last week. The proposal is for a 2.8 mile-long tunnel that would move riders at 127 mph in electric vehicles. But which electric vehicles?

A county supervisor said that the new system would work with Musk’s electric car company Tesla to develop 12-seater electric vans, as reported in The Mercury News. The projected $60 million project is expected to carry 1,200 people per day to the airport and back. 

The electric vans come after The Boring Company originally envisioned special vehicles for its high-speed tunnel system. Over the years, Musk has alluded to an electric van or larger-capacity vehicle, as Electrek pointed out. 

Tesla didn’t respond to a request for comment on the new EV for the Ontario airport project.

The Boring Company recently completed a stretch of tunnel in Las Vegas for the same high-speed Loop system, but that one will transport visitors around the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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