It has been a long time since the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016, and a lot has changed in smartphone design since that point. But at lower prices than ever, the handset remains a great value option for anyone who wants iOS functionality at a discount.

Being an older handset gives it another benefit: an enormous variety of cases have come on the market since its release, helped by the fact that iPhone 8 cases will fit the device too for the most part given that they share so much design-wise. 

And now that the iPhone SE 2020 has been released, which is virtually the same size, you have even more options to protect your phone.

Whether you’re hunting around for something to improve your phone’s style, customize it just a bit, or to encase it in solid protective layers, there are lots of options at every price point. Read on for our pick of the best iPhone 7 cases currently on the market.

These are products that we haven’t had in our test labs, but based on our experts’ opinion and knowledge of the most reputable brands around, we think these are worth looking at.

Our selections, ranked with newer additions at the top, take into account online reviews, brand reputation, product capability, or unique features, to help you pick through the maze of choices available to you.

Image credit: Apple

Image credit: Apple (Image credit: Apple)

1. Apple iPhone 7 Silicone Case

Slim and official

Good quality

Slim build

Pricey for a basic case

Above many things, the iPhone 7 is a slim beast – that’s part of its appeal. It is a small handset, and therefore a blessing for those with smaller hands. Bulky cases can detract from this, but the official Apple Silicone Case is pleasingly slim.

Boasting a grippy material which also improves resistance to scratches, shocks and falls, and available in a variety of color choices, this is an attractive no-fuss option for those looking for simple protection and decent looks. It’s available directly from Apple.

Image credit: Syncwire

Image credit: Syncwire (Image credit: Syncwire)

2. Syncwire UltraRock Case for iPhone 7

A cheap way to keep your iPhone safe


Offers reasonable protection


Taking the idea of no-fuss to its logical conclusion, we enter the large and sometimes dangerous land of the ultra-budget phone case.

Mostly these are chunky plastic affairs that hold onto the various oils of the human hand with gusto, but there are nonetheless some worth considering if price is your main concern.

The Syncwire UltraRock is solid, dependable and will offer reasonable protection from scuffs, scrapes and drops – but don’t expect more than that. It’s available from Amazon.

Image credit: OtterBox

Image credit: OtterBox (Image credit: OtterBox)

3. OtterBox Universe Case for iPhone 7

A multitude of mods

Very customizable

Very different


Not cheap

Sometimes simple cuts it – when nothing more is needed than protection, there are many phone cases which fit the bill.

But sometimes a little more is needed, sometimes you might want something that’s a little left-field, and the Universe by OtterBox is just that.

Offering protection and decent looks, it also features a mad, swappable module system. A battery, a card reader, camera parts and more can be added to augment the iPhone experience. This is one for those looking for something different in their life. You can buy it direct from OtterBox.

Image credit: Jimmycase

Image credit: Jimmycase (Image credit: Jimmycase)

4. Jimmycase iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Slim and practical

Space for cash and cards

Comes in lots of colors

Your cash is visible

Options for those who like to bundle their cards and cash with their smartphone in a case tend to be mostly of one persuasion – the foldable wallet case.

While these are practical, they have trade-offs in terms of the relatively cumbersome rear, however there are certain options which keep a slim profile as well as providing practical storage.

The endlessly customizable Jimmycase wallet case is one such example. With space for cash and cards on the rear, it also provides protection from drops, shocks and falls and looks good doing so. It’s available directly from Jimmycase.

Image credit: Wrappers

Image credit: Wrappers (Image credit: Wrappers)

5. iPhone Alcantara Pouch by Wrappers

A soft, stylish pouch

Soft fabric

Lets you show your phone off

No protection when using phone

Wrappers, a small company based in the UK, has been making bespoke fabric pouches and cases for Apple devices for over a decade. This option from the firm is an Alcantara pouch in a fetching shade of lilac, which will offer nice protection from scratches and scrapes.

We particularly like the choice of fabric, recently evoked by Microsoft with its Surface line, which is soft, and which offers a nice premium feel. It’s available from Wrappers UK.

Image credit: Kilponen

Image credit: Kilponen (Image credit: Kilponen)

6. Kilponen Battery Case for iPhone 7

Gives your phone’s battery an upgrade

Triples your phone’s battery

Reasonable value


It is well known that, of the many qualities of the iPhone 7, its battery life is not one. While most will be able to stretch the device to last through a day of usage, there are many who will not.

The battery case is a life-saver in such situations, and this option from Kilponen is a good choice for many.

Though bulky, it makes up for this with a battery capacity roughly three times that of the iPhone, in theory tripling battery life, and all for a very small outlay. This is available from Amazon.

Image credit: Lastu

Image credit: Lastu (Image credit: Lastu)

7. Lastu Case for iPhone

When only wood is good enough


A choice of woods

Thick bumper

There is something about wood, good honest grain – the smell and the feel are difficult to match. Only a few phone case makers have chosen to use this material in their designs, and few have managed to use it as well as Lastu.

This Finnish manufacturer offers custom designs, your choice of finish (we particularly like the unique Kelo) and good thick rubber absorbers for proper protection. This is available directly from Lastu.

Image credit: Vesel

Image credit: Vesel (Image credit: Vesel)

8. Vesel Wood Series iPhone 7 Case

A wood and metal bumper offering serious style

Looks great

Premium build


Only a bumper

For some, the need for wood goes beyond a look on the back of a case, it must instead be the prime material of the case. Vesel, with its wood series, crafts a unique frame for iPhones which provides protection without adding significant bulk.

Boasting a precision finish, a strong 7000 series metal skeleton, and rugged good looks, this is a great choice for those after something unique and for whom money is not an issue. It’s available directly from Vesel.

Image credit: Torras

Image credit: Torras

9. Torras Slim Fit iPhone 7 Case

A case that’s hardly wider than the phone itself


Easy to fit in pockets or bags

Simple, no-frills design

Likely won’t protect your phone as well as others

Torras has put out a phone case that’s just slightly bigger than the iPhone 7 itself, which is perfect for the person who wants a simple, no-nonsense look for their phone. There’s even a little 1mm raised lip around the camera lens to protect it from errant drops.

It’s obvious that this won’t protect your phone as well as, say, an Otterbox, but for those who want to wrap their device in simple elegance, the Torras Slim Fit case will do the trick. Pick one up on Amazon here

Image credit: Spigen

Image credit: Spigen

10. Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7/8 Case

A tough case that doubles as a stand

Inexpensive protection

Built-in kickstand

Pricier cases may protect better

Spigen’s Tough Armor series aims to provide solid protection at a low price. Its flexible TPU body envelops the phone, while a polycarbonate plate layers protection on the back. The latter even has a built-in kickstand if you like watching media on your phone.

The Spigen Tough Armor [2nd Generation] iPhone 7/8 case is available on Amazon here.

Image credit: Baisrke

Image credit: Baisrke

11. Baisrke White Marble iPhone 7 Case

Eye-catching good looks

Stylish look for countertop fans

Debatable protection

For all you marble lovers, here’s the phone case for you. Baisrke has an inexpensive case that comes in several colors and hues accentuating white, black and pearlescent marble.

The case itself is made of a soft rubber silicone, so don’t expect much protection from serious drops. But if you can’t live without this look, you can grab the Baisrke marble case on Amazon here.

Image credit: Caseology

Image credit: Caseology

12. Caseology iPhone 7 Parallax Case

Cool pattern and protection

Stylish pattern

Multi-stage protection

Budget gold looks

The Caseology iPhone 7 Parallax case has a neat design and attractive burgundy-on-gold look for those who want to dress up their phone a little differently than their peers. It’s got multiple layers to help protect your phone from drops from plenty of angles.

It’s decent protection and good looks at an affordable price – perfect for your less-expensive iPhone 7. Pick up the Caseology Parallax case on Amazon here.

Image credit: Dockem

Image credit: Dockem

13. Dockem Synthetic Leather Sleeve

A case you can hide


Shows off your phone

No protection when phone is in use

Fake leather

Most people would probably rather keep their phone unadorned by a case, particularly when their phone is as stylish as the iPhone 7. That’s why a sleeve can be a good option, as it keeps your iPhone protected while it’s in your bag or pocket, but shows it off in full when you’re using your phone.

This Dockem sleeve also stands out thanks to its attractive faux-leather design and its low price tag, though of course, like any other sleeve it won’t protect your phone while you’re using it, so this isn’t one for the clumsy.

Image credit: Ranvoo

Image credit: Ranvoo

14. Ranvoo Aluminum Bumper Case

Almost invisible

Aluminum finish

Matches the color of your phone

Minimal protection

Not quite as premium as the iPhone itself

Your iPhone 7 might be metal, but most cases aren’t, which means you’re inevitably left covering it in cheaper plastic, or pricey but still different leather.

There are some exceptions though, such as this Ranvoo bumper, which although plastic on the inside has a layer of aluminum on the outside, and it comes in all the same colors as the iPhone 7 itself.

As it’s just a bumper rather than a full case the back of your phone is left uncovered and the bumper itself is almost invisible – unless you choose a color that contrasts your phone, rather than matches it.

The skeletal nature of the bumper means it’s not the most protective thing around, but the edges are raised, so even if your phone hits the ground on the front or back it should remain safe as long as the surface it collides with is flat.

Image credit: Uprosa

Image credit: Uprosa

15. Uprosa Case

Taking you under the microscope

Unique designs


Boring build

Overly showy

The construction of Uprosa’s cases is entirely pedestrian, as they’re simply made of flexible plastic. However, their designs are something else.

Uprosa’s case graphics come from images submitted by researchers and science students, whose job it is to look at stuff under microscopes, so the images you see on these cases are shots taken using microscope photography. Here’s the description of the ‘flamingo’ design seen in the image:

“The same chemical (citric acid) that makes a lemon tart forms colliding pink oceanic waves through the lens of a microscope.” Brian Cox would approve.

Image credit: Griffin

Image credit: Griffin

16. Griffin Survivor Clear Case

A tough case that doesn’t hide your iPhone


Shows off your phone

Plastic build

Chunky bumpers

A case is always a balancing act between making your phone look as it should and keeping it protected. The Griffin Survivor Clear has a shot at gaming the system, with clear walls and built-up bumpers designed to take the force of any impacts while keeping the look intact.

Sure, you can tell there’s a case on your iPhone, no denying it, but at least you can see the color of aluminum you chose underneath. Griffin says the shell has 6H hardness, which is as hard as some tempered glass, and provides great scratch resistance.

The case can also take drops of 1.2m, and as it doesn’t cost a bomb you shouldn’t feel too bad about replacing the Survivor should an unfortunate incident occur. Better than a bashed-up iPhone, right?

Image credit: Belkin

Image credit: Belkin

17. Belkin Sport-Fit Case

A case built specifically for runners

Good for runners


Only comes in two colors

Won’t be your main case

Here’s an iPhone 7 case for a particular niche: the runner. It’s a neoprene armband case that lets you take your phone out for a jog without a) holding the thing or b) having it move around in your pocket.

Unless you go on fairly long runs where taking a phone is a good idea anyway, the best reason to get a Sport-Fit is to use your phone as a GPS tracking tool, using an app like RunKeeper.

The combination effectively turns your phone into the equivalent of a fully featured GPS sport watch. The case can also hold a debit/credit card, meaning you only need to find somewhere to stash your keys. And earrings, perhaps?

Image credit: MNML

Image credit: MNML

18. MNML Thin Case for iPhone 7

Subtle protection

It’s barely there

Available in multiple color options

It’s affordable

Questionable durability

Doesn’t protect screen

If you’re looking for a case, but don’t want to add any heft or thickness to the iPhone 7, this is the one you’re after.

MNML makes, you guessed it, cases with minimal aesthetic. They are cheap and come in a variety of colors. Better yet, they’ll work on an iPhone 8 as well, should you have one laying around or plan to buy one.

Image credit: UAG

Image credit: UAG

19. UAG Trooper

A tough case with room for your cards

Card compartment

Very tough


Only comes in three colors

Let’s stop messing around, it’s time for a case that looks tough as nails. The UAG Trooper is a light-but-hardy case that also doubles as a wallet, as its back flips open to reveal a compartment in which you can store four cards. 

It has rubbery sides and uses hard polycarbonate for that lid on the back. The Trooper adds a fair bit of bulk to the iPhone 7, but not a great deal of weight. For a higher-end feel, the Monarch-series UAG cases use bonus metal and leather, although there’s no card slot.

Image credit: OtterBox

Image credit: OtterBox

20. OtterBox Defender

An old favorite for a new phone

Lots of protection

Port protectors

Rugged design


We’ve been using OtterBox Defender cases on and off for years now: they’re veterans of the scene. While they add bulk to your phone, their aim is to offer complete protection that’ll leave your handset looking fresh 12 months down the line, and for a reasonable price too.

They use a rubber inner cover, a hard plastic outer and an inbuilt screen protector, only leaving the Apple logo and camera on the back somewhat exposed to the elements.

While the iPhone 7 is already waterproof, there are port protectors too. These will stop any muck clogging up your ports, perfect if you really do treat your phone a bit rough.

Image credit: Tech21

Image credit: Tech21

21. Tech21 Evo Elite

Strong but not showy

Absorbs shocks

Matches the iPhone

Fairly pricey

Plain design

Back in the old days, Tech21 cases used to have orange blobs peppered throughout, as a way to show off the fancy shock-absorbing material the company uses.

The Tech21 Evo Elite, though, is a case that color-matches the classic iPhone shades on its sides, with a transparent back to retain as much of that iPhone flavor as possible.

Inside there’s still some of Tech21’s magic FlexShock material, which is what absorbs the force of impact to stop your phone from getting damaged.

Image credit: Spigen

Image credit: Spigen

22. Spigen Slim Armor CS Case

Secure your phone and card


Card holder

Hides phone design

Spigen’s Slim Armor CS case for the iPhone 7 is a popular one, and the numerous color options for the hard shell can help it match the color of your iPhone.

It features a soft and hard shell for extra protection for your phone. And, a hidden credit card case will let you carry up to two cards in case you don’t like dragging your wallet or purse everywhere.

See the Spigen Slim Armor CS case for iPhone 7 at Amazon here.

Image credit: OtterBox

Image credit: OtterBox

23. OtterBox Strada

Classy and protective

Premium design

All-around protection


If you want a case that doesn’t sacrifice the premium look of your iPhone 7, then the Otterbox Strada case is a good pick. It combines Otterbox’s multi-later protection into a folio-style case with a leather exterior.

The case can hold a credit card, and thanks to the folio design, the screen of your iPhone 7 will get extra protection from falls. 

See the Otterbox Stada for iPhone 7 at Amazon here.

Image credit: Apple

Image credit: Apple

24. Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

A case that fixes the iPhone 7’s biggest problem

Keeps your phone juiced up

Reasonably protective

Very bulky

Only comes in black or white

One of just a couple of problems with the iPhone 7 is that its battery life isn’t great. If you don’t fancy carrying around an external battery pack 24/7, this case can help.

It’s an official Apple accessory that shoehorns a 2,365mAh battery into a smooth silicone case, roughly doubling the iPhone 7’s stamina in real terms. The downside is that it gives your iPhone a humpback, the battery unit sticking out from the casing. There’s also a ‘lip’ at the bottom that further spoils the phone’s lines.

Battery cases aren’t for everyone, but this one is smarter than most, with clever management of when the phone is powered by its own battery and that of the case.