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Fortnite’s endgame: why an Epic fight with Apple and Google could lead to major changes

It didn’t take long after Fortnite tried circumventing the App Store’s 30% cut before Apple yanked the game off its platform, and Google off the Play Store too. But now that looks like it all went according to Epic’s plan: the gaming giant immediately filed lawsuits against both Apple and Google decrying their monopolistic practices and started riling up gamers to complain to the App Store owner. It’s still unclear who’ll win, but this is sure to create ripples.

Xiaomi unveils two cool new smartphones – but we might never get to see them

Xiaomi is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week. To commemorate this, the Mi 10 Ultra and the Redmi K30 Ultra were announced, pushing boundaries at either end of the price spectrum. Don’t get too excited though, as they won’t be making their way out of China… at least for now.

The next company looking to get a share of TikTok is… Jio?

TikTok might be forced to sell its operations in many countries if it wants to continue operations. For India, the saving grace could be none other than Jio platforms by Reliance. Not surprising, given the number of investments it has garnered in recent times. So, when we read reports of a possible buy-out of TikTok’s India business by a company that straddles every facet of India’s business – from eCommerce to oil – it sounded plausible.

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Twitter rolls out Tweet reply control to users in India

In a bid to give users better control over their Tweet-conversations on the platform, Twitter has made its reply-limiting feature available to all users. Quite simply, the new feature allows Twitter users to decide on who gets to reply to their tweets. However, users who can’t reply to a tweet will still be able to view, retweet, retweet with a comment, share, and like the tweet.

We finally have more Nvidia MX350-powered laptops in India

The new Lenovo Yoga Slim 7i is an ultrabook that hopes to punch above its weight with its performance. Configuration options include a 10th gen Intel Core i5, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, and a rare Nvidia MX350 graphics card. Intrigued?

Wanted to show up on Google Search? It’s easier for Indians now!

Google says the feature called people cards, would be its first attempt in India and was a result of the affinity that people in the world’s second-largest internet market showed towards looking up their own names on Google Search. The Search feature would allow users to create their personalized identity that would make them easily discoverable.

Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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