TLDR: You can remake your commute and all your in-town travel with the eco-friendly and exhilarating  Faboard Black Rover Dual Belt All-Terrain Electric Skateboard.

So much has changed over the year of the pandemic. Now that many areas are starting to bounce back and restart the pre-COVID ways of life, work, and commerce, it’s probably worth considering if some of those old ways should remain a memory of the past, giving way to new methods in a post-pandemic world.

Like…do you really need to drive to work every day? Before the world changed, people spent more than 100 hours per year traveling to and from work. And the cost of a car sets a driver back almost $12,000 per year, including almost $1,500 on gas alone.

With the Faboard Black Rover Dual Belt All-Terrain Electric Skateboard ($599.95, 19 percent off, from TNW Deals), riders can save loads of money while actually enjoying their travel. And if you would rather spend more time on a board than behind a wheel, this electric board could be just what you’re looking for.

And no, this is no toy. The Black Rover is thoughtful, efficient, and environmentally-friendly transportation, wrapped in the guise of a sturdy, powerful and all-around enjoyable skateboard that does most of the work for you.

From the street to even off-road riding, the Black Rover is built to last, its 21-lb. 8-ply maple frame poised on non-inflatable silicone tires that can carry a rider weighing up to 330 lbs. 

With a quick kickstart, the Black Rover springs to life, its twin 1,000-watt motors propelling the craft at speeds up to 24.8 miles per hour for up to 17 miles. That’s more than enough power and distance to get many riders to work, the grocery store, to a friend’s house, and beyond. The lithium battery cell recharges in about 3 hours, so just plug it in at your destination, and you’ll likely be fully charged and ready by the time you’re set to head home.

Even if you’ve never been an accomplished skater before, the remote control allows riders to cruise along quickly and quietly with precise acceleration and braking, even through areas where cars or trucks would never dare venture. It’s even got enough juice to power riders uphill at an incline of up to 20 degrees. 

Regularly $749, the Faboard Black Rover Dual Belt All-Terrain Electric Skateboard is now $150 off the retail price, a nearly 20 percent savings down to only $599.95 with this limited time offer.

Prices are subject to change.

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