The Freo X Plus vacuuming pet hair.

Narwal launched the Freo X Ultra earlier this year, and we found it to be an exceptional robot vacuum and mop combo — though its $1,400 price tag made it a luxury item for most shoppers. Thankfully, many of the Freo X Ultra’s best features can be found on the newly launched Narwal Freo X Plus, which offers an affordable alternative to the flagship vacuum and mop combo.

The Freo X Plus should be much more appealing to frugal shoppers, as it clocks in at just $400. That’s a full $1,000 cheaper than the Ultra, yet it still holds up to seven weeks of dust, can lift its mopping plate when traveling on carpet, and produces up to 7,800 Pa of suction to pull out dirt and debris from your carpets. It can even apply 6 Newton units of downward pressure while mopping, allowing it to tackle tough stains with ease.

Other notable features include support for the Narwal app (allowing you to set restricted zones and customize your cleaning preferences), Siri compatibility, and detailed cleaning reports at the end of each cleaning event. It also uses Narwal’s zero-tangle brush, so you shouldn’t have to worry about hair or string clogging up its hardware. For homes featuring primarily of hard floors, you’ll be glad to know that the included water tank holds enough liquid for it to mop over 4,800 square feet before needing a refill.

Of course, a few concessions had to be made to hit the $400 price point, and cuts largely target the charging station. Unlike the Freo X Ultra, the Freo X Plus won’t automatically clean itself. That means you’ll want to keep a close eye on its mops, as the docking station doesn’t have the hardware to rinse them off like the Freo X Ultra’s station can. You won’t, however, have to babysit the dustbin, as it’s still rated to hold up to seven weeks of dirt.

All told, the Freo X Plus looks to be surprisingly well-rounded for this price point. It offers a bit less suction than the Ultra (8,200 Pa versus 7,800 Pa) and it lacks mop-cleaning skills, but beyond that, it’s remarkably similar. Be sure to give it a look if you’re in the market for an affordable robot vacuum, as it’s hard to find much else like it for $400.

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