The newest Jaguar I-Pace has some subtle but powerful updates. 

The first all-electric car from Jaguar debuted in 2018 but the 2022 version has just been announced and it features a new gray grille coloring upfront as well as a new layout on its center touchscreen inside. The model, which will be available from August, will also take less time to recharge the battery.

New grille, what's up?

New grille, what’s up?

Image: jaguar

The car previously offered more than 230 miles of range on a single charge, but the newest model doesn’t have an estimated range yet. 

Whether the range stays the same or is extended, there’s faster charging now available. When plugged into a Level 3, 100 kW DC charger it’ll add 63 miles in 15 minutes onto the 90 kWh battery.

The I-Pace will also come with a faster plug type, an 11 kW on-board charger plug. Previously Jaguar used a 7 kW home wall charging connector that took more than 10 hours to charge. With the more powerful plug the car will be able to connect to fast charging stations — and with the proper home electrical set-up it should take about three hours to fully charge.

Inside the car, buttons on the center screen are arranged differently with a simplified menu on the left side. Drivers (and passengers) can now access up to 90 percent of touchscreen tasks on the home screen with two taps or less. The Bluetooth connection now works with two phones at the same time. 

More charging station information is available on the  map and trip planning takes into account how much charge is left on the battery. That’s a setting Tesla drivers rely on to reduce range anxiety. More EVs, like the I-Pace, are adding charge information into route planning.

The map shows charging stations.

The map shows charging stations.

Image: jaguar

The car still starts at just under $70,000, like it has since its arrival a few years ago. But this year there are new paint colors to choose from: Aruba, a metallic light sand color; Caldera red; Portofino blue; and Eiger gray.

There’s nothing drastically different with the 2022 model. It’s still a dual electric motor that goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds with the battery on the bottom of the car body for a low center of gravity. But it’s the little things that count.

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