Sony released the PS5 five months ago — and in that time it’s become the fastest selling console in US history. I have a question though: how can this be true when it seems I have a higher chance of acquiring one through a genie’s wish than a retailer? Who is managing to buy all these things?

According to a tweet thread from the analysis firm NPD Group, the PS5 became the fastest selling console in US history by both dollar value and units sold. This is tracked over the five months since the console’s release.

It’s also important to note that the PS5 achieved this on both the dollar value and units sold metrics — the latter being particularly important.

Due to inflation and the high cost of the newest PlayStation in general, the console racking up the fastest sales via value alone wouldn’t be particularly impressive. The fact it has shifted a record number of units as well? That is impressive. Even though, it’s unclear exactly how many PS5s have been sold to date.

PS5 vs Switch fastest selling console

Unsurprisingly, Sony also did well on the accessories sales too. According to NPD Group, the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller was the most sold games accessory in Q1 2021.

It wasn’t all PlayStation though. While the PS5 has become the fastest selling console in US history, the Nintendo Switch also continued its strong performance. In fact, in Q1 2021, it actually sold more units than Sony’s console — even though the PS5 topped it on dollar sales.

The Switch shifting more units sorta makes sense because who the hell is managing to buy all these PS5s? Where are they getting them from? Surely, by now, Satan has reaped enough souls and is no longer in the market for more swaps? It’s baffling. Tell me your secrets, people. Please.

Anyhow, no matter how folks are getting their hands on them, the PS5 becoming the fastest selling console in US history is a massive achievement. Props to you, Sony.

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