Whether you’re a VPN newbie or have been taking advantage of their web traffic encrypting, geo-restriction avoiding, app unblocking skills for years, Black Friday is always a great time to get one on the cheap.

And they don’t get any cheaper than what PureVPN has pulled out of the bag this year. With our exclusive Tech15 discount code, you’ll bring the price for a full-year five years of VPN down under the $70-mark. That’s a monthly cost of a remarkable $1.13. 

But the bargains don’t stop there. If you want to download software from a name you know, then NordVPN has a great discount, too. The lowest price it’s been for a good while, the two-year plan is down to an effective monthly cost of $3.29.

But every VPN provider and their dog has discounted their prices in the name of Black Friday… and these are our favorite five.

Black Friday 2021’s best VPN deals: top 5