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They have a shelf-life of five years.
They have a shelf-life of five years.

Image: Safe Guard 

TL;DR: Snag a 50-pair box of Safe Guard blue nitrile disposable gloves for $24.99, a 24% savings as of June 2.

Like face masks and toilet paper, we can attribute a surge in shopping interest for disposable gloves to COVID-19. And while touching contaminated surfaces is not typically how it spreads, it is possible

With that in mind, you can get a pack of 50 for just $24.95 if you jump on this deal. Available in small, medium, or large varieties, these gloves are made of nitrile, which is a less-irritating alternative to latex, and feature anti-static properties, which makes them easier and more comfortable to wear. Plus, they’re ultra-flexible, but not easy to tear. Win-win.

It’s important to note that donning disposable gloves does not make you invincible. In fact, you still need to take some proper precautions. The World Health Organization says to wash your hands before even putting the gloves on. And of course, don’t touch your face while you’re wearing them, as it would basically just defeat the purpose. Don’t let your bare hands touch them as you remove them, either. The CDC has guidelines to help you remove them properly if you can’t figure it out. After you dispose of the gloves, go ahead and wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer just to be on the safe side. Got it?

Grab yourself a box of 50 Safe Guard Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves for just $24.99 — 24% off the regular price.

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