iD Mobile is already an affordable supplier of SIM only deals, but a recent promotion from the retailer has made it even more so, offering large amounts of cashback on top SIM plans.

These cashback promotions span three offers – an unlimited data plan, 36GB, and 10GB. While the 10GB option is the most affordable at just £10 a month (before you even account for the cashback), the other two options are where the best value lies.

Go for unlimited data with iD and you’ll pay just £16 a month. That price then effectively falls to just £12 a month thanks to the £60 in cashback offered on top.

Even cheaper than that is a 36GB data plan for £12 a month. That’s a deal that effectively falls to just £7 a month thanks to the cashback that comes with it.

The only thing to note is the kind of cashback you’re getting. is offering cashback by redemption. This means you’ll have to claim your cashback in five installments throughout the 12 month contract through an online form.

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Is iD Mobile a good network?

iD Mobile doesn’t quite have the name recognition of Three or EE, but it’s actually Carphone Warehouse’s very own network. It specialises in affordable plans and while it normally offers smaller data plans for low costs, it has gone all out for this unlimited data offer.

iD piggybacks off the Three network. This means you’ll get exactly the same speeds, coverage and reach that is offered by Three.

On top of this, there is the obvious benefits of the 1-month rolling contracts on certain plans, use of tethering, unlimited calls and texts and roaming in 50 destinations across the world.

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