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Whether it’s building Lego towers or planting trees, popular YouTuber Mr. Beast likes to go big.

In this team-based challenge, Mr. Beast pits groups of four against one another in a race to see who can build the tallest tower of Lego. Each team gets a square Lego foundation, a seemingly unlimited number of oversized bricks, and industrial-grade cherry pickers to use when the towers climb too high.

It’s not as simple as just building up, up, and up, though. Throughout the 12-hour stretch, the competitors frequently pause what they’re doing to compete in mini-challenges that include trying to knock the other team’s creation down using a sledgehammer and, multiple times, thrown bowling balls.

This video has everything: bright colors, creative architecture, smack talk, scheming, cheating, and a nail-biter of a finish. There’s even a cascade of feelgood moments to cap the whole thing off as the winning team is required to spend their $50,000 in winnings almost immediately.

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