TLDR: The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle includes the Luminar 4 image editing app, critical training, and a whole collection of add-ons for simple, brilliant picture fixes.

It’s much easier to respect one of those image editing apps with all the firepower and versatility than it is to love it. Despite all of the amazing photo manipulation something like Adobe Photoshop can do with all of its possibilities, most picture takers don’t need to spend hours Annie Liebowitz-ing every shot into an unvarnished work of art.

For many amateur shutterbugs, it’s more than enough to have an app that can take a quick pass at any image, then offer up a few ways to scrub out imperfections, make adjustments, or give the shot an entirely new spin, all with the push of a single button.

Luminar 4 is just such a photography powerhouse — and with the software, accessories and training found in The Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle ($32, 85 percent off, from TNW Deals) with promo code “WELOVELMOM”, many who want to optimize their pictures will wonder why they’d ever need anything else. 

At the center of this collection is Luminar 4 AI Photo Editor (for Windows and Mac), an easy-to-use, yet still ultra-efficient image editor that makes doing any photo adjustment as easy as inching a slider. Luminar 4’s biggest claim to fame is AI Accent, an artificial intelligence photo enhancer that can do a big chunk of any image editing work for you all by itself.

With Luminar 4, Accent checks out your photo, then lets its AI brain run wild, offering loads of options for adding filters, edits, color adjustments or other simple editing steps to your image. Whether it’s a fix that makes the photo look more natural or it’s an almost Hollywood-esque special effect that turns your picture into something almost unworldly, Accent presents your possibilities, then lets you choose and save the fixes you like in seconds.

While Luminar 4 also lets users make manual adjustments to an image, new users might feel a little more uncomfortable trying to make those calls on their own. But the Photography Fundamentals Course from ThinkTapLearn course makes those decisions much more simple. Over nine different lectures, students walk through every element of Photography 101, understanding exposures, white balance, frames, and more. Learners even get guidance on smart ways to organize, store, print, and share images.

Plus, users also get four super-cool add-on collections featuring ways to make your average image incredibly extra incredibly fast. The Skies: Power of Nature Add-On includes 20 gorgeously stormy sky palettes to add to an image, while the Sky Objects: Amazing Planets Add-On can insert planets and other galactic elements into a photo that almost looks real. And there’s the Looks: Analog Film Add-On with 30 all-new pre-sets offering added grit and texture to a photo; as well as LUTs: Street Vibe LUTs with 10 new lookup menus for making eye-catching color and warmth fixes to an image.

Right now, shoppers can save over $200 off the price of the Award-Winning Luminar 4 Power Bundle, now priced at just $32 with limited-time promo code: WELOVEMOM.

Prices are subject to change.

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