We’ve seen it all: It started with delicious AI-generated food that didn’t exist, then it was people, then it was cats, Airbnbs, memes, feet (???) — and now we’ve got furries.

Yep, you heard it right. A resourceful developer has built a generative adversarial network that spits out an infinite feed of portraits of non-existent furry personas (or fursonas).

To acquire this skill, Thisfursonadoesnotexist.com was fed about 55,000 furry images gleaned from mature image board e621.com and trained to come up with its own unique iterations for 33 days. Don’t worry though: Thirsfursonadoesnotexist.com is totally SFW.

The final images were then scaled up to twice the original resolution and denoised with this algorithm.

And the result is… well, it’s best if you see for yourself:

Some minor anomalies aside, the AI generates pretty realistic furry portraits. As you’ll notice in the first image, there are some unusual details, like the oval mark on the forehead, but the outcome is still quite neat. The shortcomings of the model are more obvious in the last image where some of the facial features appear washed out (pay attention to the mouth).

Creator Arfa notes that since the model was built on AI-powered software developed by Nvidia, all images are non-copyrightable, meaning you can use them as you wish. Still, Arfa asks to do so responsibly.

And if you want to check out more non-existent furry portraits, click here.

Published May 7, 2020 — 11:59 UTC

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