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Over 1,000 people gave it a perfect five-star review.
Over 1,000 people gave it a perfect five-star review.

Image: Quotely

TL;DR: Lift your spirits with a lifetime subscription to Quotely Daily Motivational Quotes for $29.99, an 89% savings as of May 17.

Whether your idea of inspiration comes from the Bible, your favorite TV show, or Michelle Obama, you probably look to quotes to get you through the day, especially lately. But what if you didn’t have to search for a quote to motivate you, and instead it just appeared right when you needed it? That’s the idea behind Quotely Daily Motivational Quotes.

Whether you’re feeling anxious and depressed, need an extra push for productivity, or want a motivating mantra for your next workout, Quotely’s got you covered. The app features over 10,000 motivational and inspirational quotes from some of the world’s top minds and celebrities, and more are continuously being added daily. The quote reminders cover a wide range of topics from self-esteem, stress, and relationships to workouts, money, and mindfulness. And yes, there are even movie quotes and Bible verses. 

What’s cool is you can customize the design, the font, and the color of the quotes to suit your tastes, and then easily share the message with your friends, on social media, or even save it as your phone wallpaper.

While there’s a free version available, you’ll get more with the subscription version. For one thing, there are no ads. Plus, you’ll get access to all themes and categories, get unlimited reminders, and have the ability to search quotes and set your own background photos.

A lifetime subscription is worth $280, but you can save nearly 90% and sign up for the app for just $29.99.

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