Sony A7 III in hand.
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Hear me out — while I’ve been plenty happy shooting Canon the past few years and would be more than happy with my Black Friday pick on that system — you can’t help but look at what Sony has to offer on the full frame front and be at least a little bit tempted. And I’m not even talking about newfangled global sensors on that ridiculously awesome A9 iii.

I’m mostly thinking about the much larger world of lenses, particularly because, unlike Canon, Sony has embraced third-party lens manufacturers these past few years, whereas Canon … has not. (To put it mildly.)

So if I were looking to get into the game at this point, I’d seriously consider this Black Friday deal on the Sony a7 III (that’s pronounced A-seven-three, by the way), which takes a whopping 25% off the usual asking price.

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That’s a bit nuts, even for a camera body that’s a few years old at this point. Because while the Sony a7 IV can be had for just a few hundred dollars more, that’s a price difference that instead could be spent on some good E-mount glass that’ll more than get the job done while I rebuild my hardware stash with Sony logos.

And what you’re getting in the A7 III isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. It’s got a 24.2MP BSI sensor. It’s got native ISO from 100 to 51200. It’ll shoot continuously at 10 frames per second, with a shutter speed of up to 1/8000th of a second. And it’ll shoot video at 4K resolution, or hit 120 fps at 1080p.

In other words, there is a lot to like here — especially at that price. Think of it as an entry-level Sony camera at this point. Sure, it’s not the current entry-level body. But it’s also not as expensive as what I’d consider to be the current entry-level Sony. No shame in that at all, especially when you remember that it’s more about the photographer than it is about the camera gear.

Even if this is a pretty sweet deal on the gear.

Sony a7 III Mirrorless Camera — $1498, was $2000:

Sony a7 IV Mirrorless Camera — $2298, was $2500:

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