Doogee S88 Pro rugged smartphone – $199.99 at AliExpress

Despite having only launched very recently, this rugged smartphone from Doogee has already seen a price cut. It boasts Android 10, wireless charging, four cameras and a whopping 10,000mAh battery to boot. Grab it while you can!View Deal

Meet the S88 Pro, just launched by prolific rugged smartphone vendor Doogee.

At $199.99 (£163.08/AU$292.37) from AliExpress, it’s the cheapest big battery mobile on the market, with a capacity of 10Ah (10,000mAh). But there’s more to it than just just a humongous battery capacity.

The S88 Pro is the first of its kind to come with Android 10, it’s powered by a Mediatek Helio P70 CPU with 6GB of memory and also boasts 128GB onboard storage and a 6.3-inch full HD display with anti-fingerprint printing and Corning Gorilla Glass overlay.

Taking inspiration from a famous MCU movie, Doogee also included a pair of “unique multi-function LED lights” at the rear, which we think are a little tacky and could prove distracting. It’s also unclear whether this feature complements or replaces the usual front-facing status lights.

Other features worth highlighting include 24W wireless charging, four cameras (three from Sony and one from Samsung), a 10W reverse charger, NFC and IP68/IP69K certification.

It’s also worth noting the device can function “normally” between -55 degrees and 70 degrees, so it will survive both hot and freezing climates.

So, what else is going on in the world of ruggedized smartphones?

Blackview is about to launch a new smartphone, the BV6300 Pro, which it bills as the world’s fastest thermal rugged smartphone. It costs the same amount as the S88 Pro but has a much smaller battery.

If you’re after an alternative, meanwhile, the Blackview BV9100 has an even bigger battery (13,000mAh), but costs more and has a significantly inferior set of components (slower CPU, a third less memory, half the storage, and a lesser camera sensor).

Bear in mind

  • If this product comes from mainland China, it will take at least a month to reach either the US or UK (and potentially more). You may be levied a tax either directly or through the courier.
  • If you’ve managed to get hold of a cheaper product with equivalent specifications, in stock and brand new, let us know and we’ll tip our hat to you.