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It's five o'clock somewhere.
It’s five o’clock somewhere.

Image: winc

TL;DR: As of May 21, you can get $155 of credit for Winc Wine Delivery (equivalent to 12 bottles) for just $93.99.

“It’s five o’clock somewhere” has essentially become the motto of the coronavirus era. Or as Ina Garten put it, “It’s always cocktail hour in a crisis!” There’s just one problem: you’re supposed to stay at home as much as possible. That means avoiding taking unnecessary trips to the liquor store every single day.

Luckily there’s a solution and it’s a major game-changer: wine delivery. If you’re looking for top-shelf bottles, tailored to your tastebuds, at a price that won’t break the bank, Winc is a good solution. Sort of like the Netflix of wine, Winc Wine Delivery uses a quick quiz to assess your likes and dislikes and come up with a perfect combination to match your palate and preferences. If you don’t trust the algorithm because you’re extra picky, you can peruse the massive vault of vino and choose ones you find more suitable. And, of course, the best part is that the bottles are delivered directly to your doorstep.

Many of the selections are wines you’ve never heard of, let alone ever tasted before. Winc produces and sells its own wines, plus acts as a négociant, bottling wines from other growers. 

Usually $159 for 12 bottles of wine, this coupon credit gives you 40% off, knocking the price for a dozen curated bottles down to just $93.99. That’s about $7.83 per bottle – a total steal.