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TL;DR: Get the summer vibes started with some homemade smoothies. As of May 27, you can grab a popular Ninja blender for up to $40 off at Best Buy.

Believe it or not, it’s almost June — which means it’s almost summer — which means it’s smoothie season. 

It definitely snuck up on us this year so we don’t blame you if you’re not prepared. If you’ve been in the market for a new blender, we’ve got you covered. 

It’s hard to think of blenders without thinking of the Ninja Foodi, the Nutri Ninja or — well, any Ninja in general. It’s a good thing Best Buy is having sales on a few of their most popular items. You can save some cash while also knowing that your money has been well spent. 

Go all out with the Auto-iQ system that optimizes the amount of vitamins and nutrients being extracted from what you put in, or keep it simple with the Single Serve that’s perfect for those who live alone and don’t need anything taking up too much space. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret your decision when you’re outside enjoying your freshly blended fruits and veggies. 

Check out all the deals below:

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