Forget flagship phones, 2020 devices and big price tags, the more recent Samsung phone deals are all set to drain your bank account. For those looking for a cheap handset from Samsung, the older Galaxy S9 could be the perfect choice.

Hailing from way back in 2018 (decades in phone years!) this falls a few models behind the recent Samsung Galaxy S20 deals. This means a weaker spec-sheet…but also a far lower price.

One Galaxy S9 deal coming from Fonehouse has brought prices way down, now offering the handset for just £29 a month. There’s no upfront costs here and 15GB of data on EE.

All of that comes together to offer an excellent cheap phone contract. You can find out more below and if you find that you would rather something newer, consult our mobile phone deals guide for more.

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 deal available:

Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 still a good handset?

It’s by no means Samsung’s best or newest handset but the S9 currently sits at an exceptionally low price while offering a pretty strong load of specs.

Samsung has always been ahead of the game with its phones, meaning the S9’s 2018 release date shouldn’t be a worry. It throws in an almost bezel-free 5.8 AMOLED display, a 3000mAh battery and a 4GB RAM processor.

While it offers just one single camera lens putting it behind Samsung’s more recent devices, the camera performance is still pretty great for the price, just don’t expect market-leading photos!

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