Tweetdeck has been a great tool for Twitter power users totrack and follow different timelines through lists and other functions in a single window. Recently, I chanced upon a similar site, but for Reddit.

Reddeck is a site that lets you pin subreddits side-by-side to create an excellent dashboard for stuff you’re interested in. You don’t have jump from one subreddit to another while checking out content.

Now, as a reporter, I should be creating a dashboard so I can track the latest news and developments topics I cover regularly. However, there’s a pandemic going on, and the last thing I need is more news. So I made a memeboard.

Anyone who knows me understands that I spend way too much time looking at and creating memes, even for work. I mean, look at this.

So, when I discovered  Reddeck, I decided just to add some meme subreddits including r/memeeconomy, r/gifsound, r/evilbuildings, and r/absoluteunits (not strictly a meme channel, but a few animal pictures can brighten up the day).

memeboard on Reddeck

This memeboard is just one example. You can create similar dashboards for news, music, sports, or any other interest through various subreddits. While the site has a dark theme, an NSFW filter, and font settings, I really wish it could let me add multis to the board, and pack more content in one window. Hopefully, the developer will add that soon.

You can check out Reddeck here.

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