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No flames or outlets necessary.
No flames or outlets necessary.

Image: Agan Aroma

TL;DR: Experience a new kind of fragrance diffuser with the Moodo® Fragrance Diffuser for $86.39, an $83 savings as of May 23.

The way your home smells matters. Not only can a bad scent deter anyone from entering, but it can also affect your mood, productivity, and wellbeing. Crazy, right? A positive olfactory experience is just as important as style and aesthetics for happy, healthy home life. So, if you take a deep breath and don’t like what you smell, it’s time to do something about it.

You could get plug-ins or candles, but they can often be sickly sweet-smelling – not to mention dangerous for kids and pets. Instead, opt for the safe, smart Moodo® Fragrance Diffuser, which doesn’t require the use of any flames or outlets.

Whether you’re craving the relaxing smell of saltwater and sunscreen or need the lively scent of citrus to cheer you up, The Moodo® lets you customize your fragrance according to your mood. Just pair your diffuser to the Moodo® app and you can mix aromas and control scents from your phone like a scent DJ. The scent capsules come in packs of four based on fragrance families, and you can choose whether to mix them based on the app’s recommendations or come up with your own signature blend. You have the power to control your environment – don’t let it go to your head.

Using the app, you can even set up a scent schedule remotely. That way, you don’t waste the capsules when nobody is home. Plus, thanks to smart home compatibility (Amazon Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant), you can simply ask it for a specific smell and it magically wafts your way.

This short explainer video should clear up any lingering questions you may have:

[embedded content]

The Moodo® regularly retails for $169.80 and is on sale for $107.99. But if you use the code SUMMERSAVE20 at checkout, you can snag it for just $86.39 for Memorial Day. Oh, and with the scent mixer, you’ll also get a starter pack of Beach Party capsules.

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