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Amazon has select Govee smart strip lights on sale for up to $18 off this Cyber Monday:

Spend any time on your TikTok FYP scrolling through dance routines, “swamp ass” candle timelapses, and Ratatousical submissions, and you’re bound to see them: those rainbow strip lights hanging on the upper edges of a creator’s room, flashing purple to orange to green and back again (sometimes in time with music). More often than not, they’re met with an eager comments section asking one question again and again: “Where did you get those?”

The answer’s probably Amazon. The online retailer has a ton of different sizes and styles of strip lights in stock, and it just so happens that several variants made by the smart home brand Govee are on sale for as little as $8.99 this Cyber Monday — don’t miss these holiday deals:

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, this two-pack of 16.4-foot, stick-on Govee strip lights offers the best value for the money: Get it on sale for $26.59, or 34% off its suggested retail price of $39.99.

More sizes/styles:

At 6.5 feet, this customizable light strip is long enough enough to cover every side of a 40- to 60-inch TV. Amazon has it on sale for just $8.99, or 31% off its $13 MSRP.

These multicolor, app-controlled lights for your car have a built-in mic that allows them to sync with any songs on your playlists. Typically $34.99, you can order a pair off Amazon today for only $24.49 — a 30% savings.

More styles:

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