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“Every day it seems we pass a grim new milestone in the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 70,000 Americans now dead and almost 30 million out of work,” said Late Night host Seth Meyers on Wednesday. “Which, according to Trump, means it’s the perfect time to stand down and wrap things up.”

Meyer’s Closer Look segment turned its critical gaze once more upon President Donald Trump’s Farquaadian personal values, which have him literally putting money over people’s lives. Trump has been pushing to prematurely reopen the country despite medical experts’ warnings, characterising U.S. citizens as “warriors.” Of course, warriors tend to die in droves, especially when following an incompetent commander.

“The president it telling you to go out and face off against the deadly virus all for the sake of the stock market,” said Meyers. “The only way that could be more out of touch is if he said it while dousing himself in Purell and holding a 36-pack of toilet paper.”

Trump also visited a Honeywell mask factory on Tuesday — without wearing a mask, of course — during which the song “Live and Let Die” was blasted over the facility’s speakers.

“Welcome to the resistance, Honeywell factory floor DJ?” said Meyers. “Doesn’t get much more on the nose than that.”

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