For every star Twitch streamer with thousands of viewers there are thousands of channels putting on a show for an empty audience. There’s no shame in it, that’s simply how things are.

But now there’s an app that helps you encourage small-time streamers by randomly connecting you to channels with no viewers. Enter Twitch Roulette — it’s like Chat Roulette of sorts, but without any of the penises. That, and it has been specifically designed to filter through streams with no viewers, and connect you to them.

The web-based app is pretty simple. You get referred to a stream, and if you’re logged into your Twitch account, you can drop them a comment and say hi.

Just click the ‘Spin the wheel’ button and Twitch Roulette will do its thing.

The only constant in Twitch Roulette is that the channels have 0 viewers at the time of spinning, so it might take a while to find one that streams a game you might be interested in (or in a language you understand).

So far I’ve stumbled upon an English-speaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a non-speaking streamer of a game I couldn’t recognize, and a Russian-speaking PUBG Mobile streamer. It’s certainly been an adventure.

Anyways, you get the idea. Go support the burgeoning Twitch stars of tomorrow and try out Twitch Roulette by clicking here.

P.S.: It seems the app‘s servers are experiencing intermittent issues, so you might want to refresh a few times if the you can’t immediately connect.

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