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JVC AE Wireless Earbuds with Live Coaching | $18 | SideDeal

Did you give up on your new year’s resolution to run more, or faster, or harder? Or maybe you just want to up your running game anyway? You should check out these JVC AE wireless earbuds with live coaching!


These buds are down to a super cheap $18 right now at SideDeal (WAAYYY less than the $121 price they are on Amazon).

Since these JVC AE wireless earbuds are meant for running outside, they do allow ambient noise in for safety. But you’ll still be able to hear your music, podcasts, and your running coach loud and clear! And, they have a nice and long battery life of up to seven hours.

What’s more, they are washable and water-resistant, so you can be sure to keep them clean easily— just the way you should be able to with activewear of any kind! This deal might not last long with such a big discount, so don’t miss out.

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